December 17, 2013

Perforce Foundation: Over $4,000,000 donated to worthy causes


As the end of 2013 approaches like most companies we reflect on the year and how well we achieved our desired results. When it comes to giving back to our community, Perforce did quite well! And this makes us proud. This year resulted in 275 organizations receiving donations totalling $350,000. We also hosted a fundraiser right here at the Perfortress and are once again sponsoring The Little Ice Rink.

We are also proud to share that since inception (1996) Perforce and the Perforce Foundation has donated over $4,400,000 around the globe! Much of this generosity belongs to our CEO, Christopher Seiwald, and his unwavering support of Perforce’s charitable programs.

Over the many years we’ve helped a variety of causes, from international disasters to the local pre-school. Curious about what types of charities Perforcians are most passionate about supporting? The number one category is Social Welfare, which netted 39 percent of the donations. Education placed second with 32 percent of the donations, while Children and Youth came in third with 15 percent. There is of course no competition between the various worthy causes nearest and dearest to our hearts, which is why our program allows for our employees to choose up to three causes to donate to each year.

Giving back to our community, no matter where we are located is what our charitable programs at Perforce are all about. I hope that this news makes you as proud about Perforce as it makes me.