August 5, 2011

Perforce is Listening


One great thing about building a community is not only getting to address people, but to listen as well. In my experience some of the best ideas for product development and deployment have come from the community of people that uses it in a real world setting. To that end Perforce is really stepping up our "listening" and would love to have more people weigh in on anything that comes to mind.

computer monkey

Our Ecosystem efforts are currently underway via Twitter and Facebook with our obsessive compulsive social media monkeys refreshing their feeds as fast as their little refresh buttons will allow. Feel free to tweet @Perforce or #Perforce with questions, comments, complaints, or anything for the good of the cause. Recent tweets and direct messages have seen everything from quick support questions that could be answered in 140 characters to product feedback and philosophical questions that could be captured for later assimilation by the Perforce collective.

Future efforts include an expanded presence on LinkedIn, new community development tools, an expanded and refined forum experience, and even more frequent blog entries right here on the Perforce blog. We would love to hear from you in whatever medium is most comfortable to you, even if you would like to invite us somewhere where we might not already be participating!

Bottom line is our community is made up of some pretty amazing people and we want to make sure you guys are getting everything you need to take your job or hobby as far as you need it to go. Fire when ready!