April 29, 2013

Perforce Ramps up Product Suite in Support of Continuous Delivery

MERGE User Conference

Perforce Director of Product Management, Furkan Khan, presenting at Merge 2013As you'd expect from a software company known for both its loyal customer base and its stellar customer support, Perforce listens. According to presentations at the Merge 2013 Perforce user conference, the company has been lending its ear quite a bit to the growing need for continuous delivery.

As continuous integration and deployment automation become increasingly common, Perforce has shown how critical a role it plays in this area. Many Perforce customers—including the New York Stock Exchange, Salesforce.com and CCP games, to name just a few—have been practicing continuous delivery for years, thanks in large part to role played by Perforce.

In fact, at Merge 2013 Perforce recognized the work of Edmunds.com, winner of the 2013 Versionary Award for Best Adoption of Continuous Delivery Systems. As explained in the Edmunds.com submission, "Perforce is the heart of all of our processes, and the authoritative source for all our code, content, and configuration. We have designed a Continuous Delivery Pipeline that delivers new functionality through various stages, including smoke testing, functional testing, and performance testing."

The days of the nightly build are numbered, increasingly replaced by continuous integration and delivery," said Randy DeFauw, Perforce senior product manager. "It really asks a lot of your tooling infrastructure. For example, cutting-edge Agile requires you store the entire product recipe, which could be terabytes of data with things like video games."

Perforce took the opportunity of its Merge conference to unveil several new products and initiatives designed to better support continuous delivery, bring additional users and content into the flow of version management and bring exciting new social coding and collaboration capabilities to its product suite.