October 8, 2012

Perspectives on Testing

Test Management
Welcome to Seapine’s Perspectives on Testing. Every week I’m going to look at articles, blog posts, tweets, and other testing and quality content, and provide some perspective on the news or commentary. Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Agile Point of View

Holy cow! Even if we firmly believe we’re Agile, we’re still probably cutting ourselves off from our customers, according to this study reported by Scott Fulton. A must-read. J.P. says that based on his own experience, test-driven development really does work. We all tend to assume that Agile just works right, and that all team members are, like the children of Lake Wobegon, are above average. But like Lake Wobegon, it’s fiction. Steve Martin looks at what to do when you have a dysfunctional Agile team member. Steve Denning asks if Kanban is Agile? Because this is from Forbes magazine, this may be exactly the type of article to use in discussing Agile with your management.

Testing Philosophy

Professional Tester magazine is out. This month’s focus is on TestDevOps. Pretty soon we’re going to string all of our lifecycle acronyms together. How do quality disasters such as iOS 6 Maps happen? Chris Barylick believes that it’s often the result of conflicts and a lack of communications between Engineering and Marketing. As a former software product manager, I can wholeheartedly endorse this perspective. In a sense, it seems absurd for us to talk extensively about what we mean by “done” in software projects. Yet I’ve given several talks on the topic, and it’s not going to go away anytime soon. Here is Naomi Karten giving the concept of done her best shot, and it’s pretty good.

Seapine View

Colleague Jessica Warren talks about how to connect the Seapine License Server to external authentication systems.

Testing Events

Check out QAI’s TesTrek conference in Toronto in November. Look me up if you’re in the area (this means you, Susan St. Clair). Michael Kelly offers a recorded webinar on writing charters for exploratory testing. I’ll be at Agile Testing Days in Germany in November. Here’s some recordings from last year’s conference, including Johanna Rothman’s keynote.

Interesting Read

Whatever happened to bubble memory? Anyone who remembers this is either at least as old as I am, or a serious student of computer science.