Cheat sheet with 4 SVN commands and their P4 equivalents.
September 8, 2017

SVN Commands Cheat Sheet

Version Control

Version control is the foundation for streamlined and accelerated development. As teams grow, projects expand, and the demand to deploy frequently increases, developers are looking for a version control solution that can do it all.

So if your company is planning an upcoming migration, thinking about making a switch, or you just want to learn how Subversion (SVN) commands match up to other version control options, we’ve got you covered.

SVN Commands Cheat Sheet

Check out the list of equivalent SVN commands for Helix Core. Because SVN commands and P4 commands are similar, it means your team can hit the ground running with a superior tool. You can compare more commands at Mapping Subversion Terms and Commands to Perforce.

TaskSVN CommandsHelix Core P4 Commands
Create a new depot/reposvnadmin createp4 depot
Add files to the depot/reposvn importp4 reconcile, then p4 submit
Open files in a client workspace to add them to the depotsvn add <file> , then svn commitp4 add <file>, then p4 submit
Request helpsvn helpp4 help
Provide information on changelists and changelists’ filessvn logp4 describe
Copy files into the client workspacesvn checkout <URL> <target_name>p4 sync, then p4 edit
Send changes to the depotsvn commitp4 submit
Remove a filesvn delete <file>p4 delete <file>
Compare files on the client workspace with revisions in the depotsvn diff <file>p4 diff <file>
Display information about the current client and serversvn infop4 info
Move a filesvn movep4 move
Combine two different revisionssvn mergep4 merge
Discard changes made to an open filesvn revert <file or directory>p4 revert <file or directory>
Display information about the workspace filessvn statusp4 fstat, p4 opened, p4 have, p4 files
Obtain and update changes from the depot/repo to the client workspacesvn updatep4 sync
Discard changes made to open files and revert back to latest synced versionsvn checkout -r <revision> url://path/to/repop4 revert
Store files without submittingsvn shelvep4 shelve

Switching From SVN Commands to Helix Core’s P4 Commands

Perforce Helix Core and SVN are often incorrectly equated. This is because they both can handle large files better than Git, but this is where the similarities end. Over the years, Perforce has delivered numerous innovations that have consistently improved deployment productivity and met the demands of larger teams.

What sets Helix Core apart from all other version control systems is performance and productivity. Team’s need to develop and release under tighter time constraints; SVN simply cannot support the demands. Admins need a way to promote self-service administration while maintaining top-notch security.

When it comes to release management, scalability, security, visibility , and support – Perforce has both SVN and Git beat. Take a closer look at a Comparison: Perforce Helix Core Vs. Subversion (SVN). Perforce also offers online and classroom-based trainings so SVN users can quickly leverage the power of Helix Core after migration.

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