November 26, 2012

Perspectives on Testing

Test Management
Welcome to Seapine’s Perspectives on Testing. Every week I’m going to look at articles, blog posts, tweets, and other testing and quality content, and provide some perspective on the news or commentary. Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Agile Point of View

Is there a minimum price for admission to the Agile world? Bob Galen reluctantly concludes that if there isn’t, there should be. Why do we use planning poker to size user stories? Len Lagestee says that the journey is the reward. In praise of the Scrum Board. Agile is right, according to Bob Marshall, but from an organization standpoint, it may only be a matter of doing the wrong things righter. “Scrum is NOT A SILVER BULLET!” says Chris Sterling, who goes on to explain that Scrum is the journey, not the destination.

Testing Philosophy

I’m developing a presentation called Battle of the Bug; it discusses why we waste so much time in our defect processes, and what we can do about it. Theresa Torres is thinking along the same lines, with this post of why ignoring bugs can result in a better product. Bob Marshall asks, “What shall we do with project managers?” While I can hear many immediate responses to that question, Bob wants to know if we can turn them into stakeholders rather than aloof schedule wonks. I like the idea of refactoring under certain circumstances, although I can’t really agree with the concept that software is not an asset. Joel Montvelisky asks five testing questions of Jerry Weinberg, the grandfather of software testing. Of note is the traits required of a modern tester – “Courage, communication skill, self esteem.”

Testing Events

For at least the last decade it’s been difficult for many professionals to justify attendance at conferences. Here testing consultant Matt Heusser discusses the value he got from his own paid attendance at a regional Agile conference.

Interesting Read

I’ve come to believe that corporate culture is the key determinant of business success. Does your company culture need a therapist? In what has become the Bob Marshall issue of Perspectives on Testing, he offers seven reasons why every business needs a therapist.