December 31, 2012

Perspectives on Testing

Test Management
Welcome to Seapine’s Perspectives on Testing. Every week I’m going to look at articles, blog posts, tweets, and other testing and quality content, and provide some perspective on the news or commentary. Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Agile Point of View

Brian Warner says that automation is pretty much all we need. James Bach replied to the contrary on Twitter. Should we use Scrum, Kanban, or ScrumBan? Chris Steele wonders if it’s really either-or, or can we blend our project approach?

Testing Philosophy

Why do we care about averages in performance analysis? Matt Heusser says that we should be more concerned about the standard deviation of our performance results. Why do we find it so difficult to delegate responsibility or know when a project should be cancelled? Mike Myatt says that the most misunderstood leadership trait is the ability to surrender control. John Stevenson explains why testing has a lot to do with exploring cultural phenomena. Exploratory testing may not be an unalloyed good. Leah Stockley provides a thoughtful piece on the risks of exploratory testing. How would you define a tester? Mark Tomlinson says that testers are experts in failure.

Interesting Read

Have you ever wondered whether the choices you’ve made in life influence your ability to excel? Geoff Colvin says that our choices are everything in life. I cut my programming teeth on Lisp and Smalltalk in the 1980s. Today, Uncle Bob says that functional programming is the next big thing.