January 28, 2013

Perspectives on Testing

Test Management
Welcome to Seapine’s Perspectives on Testing. Every week I’m going to look at articles, blog posts, tweets, and other testing and quality content, and provide some perspective on the news or commentary. Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your feedback.

Agile Point of View

I’ve not heard of Agile and DevOps used in the same context, but Diego Lo Giudice at Forrester wonders if Agile testing should fit into a DevOps strategy. He also has some interesting things to say about the role of automation in Agile testing. The idea of patterns has been an accepted part of software development since the Gang of Four book. Here Charles Bradley attempts to categorize Scrum patterns. Sometimes we get into the habit of equating the technique with the tool. Here Chris Parsons points out that just because you use Cucumber doesn’t mean you’re doing behavior-driven development. Scrum creator Jeff Sutherland looks at what it takes to be a product owner. If you’re working on a combined hardware-software project, you may be interested in hearing about property-driven development. Laurent Bossavit says that there is an Agile testing tribe, and proceeds to describe it. Kane Mar is offering a free online introduction to Scrum, including one email a day for a week.

Testing Philosophy

Richard Campbell is a very smart guy and was a wonderful host when I visited Vancouver a few years back. Here he does a video on ten performance testing tricks. An interesting, wide-ranging interview testing expert with Elisabeth Hendrickson. Testing carries its own risks, especially if it’s not your day job. A bad outcome.

Seapine View

Colleague Leah Coates provides three easy steps for managing your regression test cases.

Interesting Read

Matt Heusser notes that offshored IT jobs coming back to this US. He notes that the cost to employers has recently swung back to the US, but those employers are now offshore companies. He wonders if we in the US have forgotten how to become entrepreneurs.