June 10, 2013

Perspectives on Testing

Test Management
Welcome to Seapine’s Perspectives on Testing. Every week I’m going to look at articles, blog posts, tweets, and other testing and quality content, and provide some perspective on the news or commentary. Enjoy, and I look forward to hearing your feedback. Follow Seapine on Twitter at @Seapine, and me at @pvarhol.

Agile Point of View

Are there Agile best practices that you don’t have to follow in order to become successful? Mathieu Hetu can’t think of very many. I have an old acquaintance who was a demolitions expert for the US Navy. That’s right, he blew things up for a living. Now you can too. David Taber describes the top ten ways to blow up an Agile project. This isn’t exactly an Agile development topic, but it poses the interesting question of whether a sales organization can practice Agile techniques. Eric Kristfelt thinks that they can. We’ve created a cult of lean enthusiasts that sees waste everywhere. Sami Söderblom has some advice for them. I was a software product manager for a number of years, and I can fully appreciate the distinction that Kristin Runyan makes between the roles of product manager and product owner.

Testing Philosophy

Project estimates are necessary for external purposes – budgeting, management, and user readiness, among others. Estimates also serve to handcuff teams into practices that limit their ability to apply their skills and creativity to software problems. But is the No Estimate movement the way to go? Tobias Mayer has his doubts. Why are customer needs and software project goals so out of whack? Michael Luciano has some thoughts on that question. What should every software tester know? Michael Larsen’s answer might surprise you. Michele Smith asks why we should go through and audit our test cases every once in a while, and comes up with some pretty interesting answers.

Seapine View

Seapine was named to the SDTimes 100 list of software development tools in the ALM and Development Tools category.

Interesting Read

The big buzzword in our industry these days is DevOps, the concept that development and operations are tightly integrated. But just what is a “DevOps Engineer”? asks Lusis. How do you build an Agile culture in any company? Bob Gower says it’s by focusing on getting people engaged in making excellence a habit.