November 23, 2015

Preparing for (IT) Online Door Busters

The term “door buster” translates well to information technology systems that get stressed heavily on big online sales days such as Black Friday.

In IT terms, door busting could be any manner of system failures that may occur, for example, as system transaction levels reach new peaks. Many failures are recoverable, but only if your team is ready and reacts well in high-stress situations.

By now, your software and IT systems are as prepared as they’re going to be for the coming storm. But what can you do in the remaining time to better prepare for this year’s door busters? A good place to focus your efforts is on training and human preparedness, and the Battle School-style of training is a good way to increase your team’s preparedness quickly.

What is the Battle School-style of training? See a longer form of this article published in SD Times for the answer!

Thankfully, Perforce offers a hands-on Battle School training for Helix administrators. It will be offered again this year as part of the pre-conference training ahead of MERGE 2016... and **NEW** this year, it is also available as an on-site offering!

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