Helix QAC 2021.1
April 13, 2021

Helix QAC 2021.1 Continues to Provide In-Depth, High-Quality Compliance Coverage

Static Analysis
Security & Compliance

With the latest release of Helix QAC, the static code analysis tool continues to provide you with in-depth, high-quality compliance coverage for C and C++ coding languages. However, what makes Helix QAC 2021.1 notable is that it now offers complete support for many key coding standards.

Here is an overview of the most impactful enhancements made to Helix QAC.

In-Depth, High-Quality Compliance Coverage

While Helix QAC is already known for its in-depth and high-accuracy analysis of C and C++ programming languages, the latest release further improves the static code analysis tool’s depth and accuracy of several key coding standards.

The enhancements included in this release are especially critical for the automotive industry, as Helix QAC has been trusted for over 30 years for its functional safety and standards compliance, especially for MISRA and AUTOSAR C++14.

"Helix QAC has consistently delivered comprehensive functional safety and security compliance for embedded software development industries, and these improvements have helped to solidify it as the industry leading Static Analysis tool for C/C++," said Product Manager Stuart Foster.

One of the most notable compliance coverage improvements featured in Helix QAC 2021.1 is CERT C++. With complete CERT C++ coverage, Helix QAC can provide all development teams that work in tightly regulated and safety-critical industries with the peace of mind that their software will be safeguarded against security vulnerabilities.

In addition to complete CERT C++ rules coverage, the latest release also expands compliance coverage for the following standards:

  • 100% CERT C rules coverage.
  • 100% CERT C POSIX rules coverage.
  • 100% MISRA C:2012 including Amendment 2 coverage.
  • 98% ISO/IEC TS 17961 (C Secure) coverage.
  • 91% AUTOSAR C++14 coverage.

Why Choose Helix QAC

The release of Helix QAC 2021.1 has helped to solidify the static code analysis tool as the most accurate and precise comprehensive testing solution for functional safety, standards compliance, and compliance traceability across all embedded software development teams.

To learn more about all the new enhancements to Helix QAC, visit What’s New in Helix QAC. And, if you want to see the latest version of Helix QAC in action, register for a free trial.

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