December 2, 2010

Quality Matters: It's in the Details

Test Management
Seapine recently held an event in Huntsville Alabama for military contractors and government employees. The focus of the event was Seapine’s quality-centric approach to application lifecycle management (ALM), and this was an audience where quality mattered. Kevin Stewart, Seapine's vice president of worldwide sales, has family in the area. He met his parents for dinner on the night of our arrival. When Kevin’s parents arrived at the hotel where we were staying and the event was taking place, his father noticed the marquee and casually asked if Seapine had changed names. Confused, Kevin asked his father what he meant. When we arrived earlier that day, the marquee had another company listed. By the evening, as the dinner party was ready to leave, the hotel staff had changed the marquee to read:


Kevin immediately called the hotel to get the misspelling corrected, and the company name was spelled correctly by the time Kevin and his parents returned from dinner. The next day, Kevin opened the event with a reference to the misspelling, which led directly into the topic of the event: Quality-Centric ALM Starts with Seapine. One small detail can change your message and sabotage all of your planning and efforts. Quality matters and should be central to all development processes. How many headlines appear in the news stating something like "Computer Glitch..."? This happens all too often and just goes to show that quality matters, even in the smallest detail.