September 29, 2011

September Blog Recap

There were many updates to the blog in September. Here is our monthly recap: Video: Surround SCM Diff/Merge Functionality - This video shows you how to configure diff/merge settings in Surround SCM, how to use the built-in support for Araxis Merge and Guiffy, and how to use other diff/merge utilities. “Just lengthen the requirements phase” - A summary of an Agile Software presentation by Alan Bustamante. Backing Up Your Databases - Provides knowledgebase articles on backing your up your database. Automatically Upgrading TestTrack Clients - Explains the automatic upgrade feature in TestTrack. OpsHub Integration - Talks about the various benefits of OpsHub.
QA Wizard Pro: A New User How-To Guide - A simple how-to guide for QA Wizard Pro.
Video: QA Wizard Pro – Enabling More Efficient Testing - This video shows you how to define and use custom functions, use datasheets, and add a checkpoint to your script.
Video: Recording Your First QA Wizard Pro Script - This video talks about how easy it is to record your first script in QA Wizard Pro. Welcome to Wherever You Are: Surround SCM Changelists - A quick description of changelists in Surround SCM and talks about the new features provided.
Surround SCM: A New User How-To Guide - Provides a new user how-to guide for those new to Surround SCM.
TestTrack: A New User How-To Guide - Provides a new user how-to guide for those new to TestTrack.
Video: TestTrack and Microsoft Outlook Integration - This video explains how easy it is to integrate Microsoft Outlook and TestTrack during client installation and how to successfully create a new defect from Outlook.
Time Saver: Using QA Wizard Pro’s AddDefect Statement for Cleaner Defect Reports - Explains how the QA Wizard Pro AddDefect statement can be used to add a defect to TestTrack automatically.