December 29, 2011

Set Transparency to Open!


While Perforce has taken the first steps towards transparency and community engagement they are complex problems that continue to challenge and excite those involved. Community ideas may have been slated for development, but that is only the first step at moving the comfort line towards true transparency. Ultimately Perforce would love to have a completely open roadmap, but no company will completely change overnight. Perforce has taken the first step towards moving the "comfort line" in the sand but in order for it to keep moving, the community must continue to engage and supply their brutally honest feedback via everything from Twitter to email to carrier pigeon.

Has it been a while since you looked at Perforce? You may be surprised at how much has changed. Are you currently using Perforce and have suggestions, complaints, or anything for the good of the cause? We would love to hear it! Transparency is something that we're getting better at all the time, but the more we hear from our users the faster we'll get there. We look forward to your ideas and your honesty!