September 2, 2010

Simulating Different Browsers During Load Testing

Helix ALM
Many web applications behave differently depending on what browser the user is using. For example, many web sites will switch to a mobile web interface if the user's browser indicates that the user is using a mobile platform. Most web applications are designed to fully support all popular browsers. However, you probably want to make sure that your web application responds correctly regardless of the browser. With QA Wizard Pro load testing, you can simulate different user agents during playback to test this behavior. During playback, a user agent is sent to the web server during the post command, which allows the web server to identify which browser is being used to view the page. When developing a web application you can also see the user agent and, based on the current user's agent, design your web application to act differently. QA Wizard Pro 2010.2 includes new statements to help you work with user agents. The following screen shots show the list of supported user agents. You can also create a Custom user agent to test other browsers. The QA Wizard Pro User Guide includes more information about working with user agents.