July 6, 2016

Take a DevOps Road Trip with Scania

There’s nothing quite like standing at the top of a mountain, miles from where your journey started, thinking back at all you’ve accomplished to get there.

But long road trips in cramped cars during the sweltering summer months can quickly get bumpy. Backseat passengers start bickering over leg room and imaginary lines that mustn’t be crossed. Front seat passengers frantically try to decipher which exit the GPS really wants them take.

It’s a lot like trying to implement a successful DevOps cultural transformation across an entire global enterprise. It might be tempting to just go, but without a plan, unexpected roadblocks could mean returning to your silo-ed homelands with nothing to show for your troubles.

“Scania: Adopting DevOps for Auto Production” explores the DevOps journey of Scania, one of the world’s leading manufacturer’s of trucks for heavy transportation vehicles, as it went from three painful releases a year to deploying successfully several times a day by using Perforce Helix as the focal point of its continuous integration environment and processes.

Set a few checkpoints of your own and get your DevOps compass pointed in the right direction.

Buckle up and enjoy the ride by clicking here