December 27, 2013

Top 10 P4 Blog Articles of 2013

Version Control

Image: Wildman 60D via Twitter

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Here are the most popular P4 blog articles from 2013:

  1. Task Streams – Even if you are a classic Perforce shop
    Here are a few details about what Task Streams can do for Perforce users who have yet not adopted Streams.
  2. Say Goodbye to p4 Edit
    'p4 edit' is by far the most cursed Perforce command on Twitter. Folks coming from Subversion and Git are accustomed to an implicit checkout workflow, and being forced to ask the version control system for permission to change something is grating. Conveniently, Perforce supports implicit checkout as well!
  3. Phabricator
    Looking for a nice code review and project management system to complement your Git Fusion installation? Have a look at Phabricator, an open source package originally developed at Facebook. It has code review, wiki, repository browsing, tickets, and a lot of other tools.
  4. Getting Insights Into Your Development
    Many Perforce users have homegrown or ad hoc reporting and dashboard tools built around Perforce server logs and tools like P4toDB. But what if you need a quick overview of the state of a project, codeline, or team?
  5. P4Eclipse Now Supports Eclipse 4.3 and Mylyn 3.9
    P4Eclipse, Perforce’s plug-in for the Eclipse IDE, shipped the 2013.1 version. Most importantly this release offers compatibility with Eclipse 4.3 and Mylyn 3.9 for all those early adopters out there.
  6. Perforce Swarm Beta – Code Collaboration and Review for Everyone
    Swarm recently debuted and was made available for Open Beta at Merge 2013, the Perforce Conference, where it received a great deal of attention. Since then we continue to receive feedback and praise for Swarm, letting us know we're on the right track and how we can make it better for our customers.
  7. Using Git as an API for Perforce - Part 1
    A walk through of how to set up a Git Fusion server, and then use it to configure a special ecdump account that you will use later for automated submits.
  8. Pixar at Merge 2013: Big Data at the Movies
    Pixar is living the “version everything” dream — in technicolor. Via Perforce, Pixar not only tracks movie data and metadata, art and other assets, it triggers rendering of each animation frame on a massive server farm with thousands of cores. Now nearing a decade of passionate Perforce usage, the company is exploring how to manage and mine its big data using enterprise versioning services.
  9. Perforce Replication Lag & The Facts of Life
    MongoDB is a very popular modern "NoSQL" database, which is extremely powerful, but it can be complicated to configure and monitor its operation. Let's take a more detailed look at Perforce Replication Lag, following the same overall structure as the MongoLab team does in their article.

    And here it is, folks - the number one post of 2013:
  10. Task Streams in Perforce 13.1
    New in Perforce 2013.1, task streams are an incredibly useful concept in version management, and Perforce just made them easier to use and more visible. Here’s a look at task streams and how they can help your workflow.