June 13, 2017

KinematicSoup and Perforce Dish Up Better Collaboration for Unity3D™ Developers

Version Control

You know the game industry for pushing technology, hardware, and marketing to their limits. Less known is that the game industry isn’t always about the tech. At least not in the way that you might think. As release after release manages to elevate our expectations, raising the bar for studios everywhere, collaboration is the true key to bringing a game to fruition. Logically then, every title — from indie to AAA — stands to reap the rewards where advancements in tooling and collaboration software are concerned.

The key to making great software is having great talent and equally great processes in place. Source control is an area where innovators like Perforce Software have the experience to enable very efficient, refined workflows and tools.

We at KinematicSoup specialize in multiplayer games and tools, and we have created a new production tool called Scene Fusion.

Scene Fusion is a tool for Unity3D™ that we created to complement source control while drastically speeding up level design. Level designers use Scene Fusion to collaborate in real-time: They exchange every edit action with each other — and every idea — instantaneously. One of our first mandates was to ensure that Scene Fusion was entirely complementary to top-tier source control solutions, so we ensured that we were fully compatible with the Perforce Unity integration, P4Connect.

Helix Core handles long-term storage, asset, and code versioning as well as release cycle data, while Scene Fusion is used during level design to maximize designer productivity and eliminate the need to manually merge scenes, or the risk of losing work due to binary file merge issues.

Thanks to Helix Core and Scene Fusion, it is possible to adopt a compressed workflow enabling world creation work to begin even before your assets are completed. Designers working all over the world can receive new assets via Perforce on-the-fly while simultaneously collaborating on a scene in real-time.

You can see how the KinematicSoup and Perforce products complement each other in this quick demo.


Justin McMichael