October 16, 2018

What Can You Do With Multi-Repo Git Code Reviews?

Repository Management

Most Git developers follow a 1:1 model – one repo for every project. But when projects scale in size or complexity, the 1:1 model breaks. Let’s say you have a project with multiple components:

  • A server
  • A web app
  • An iOS component
  • An Android component

These are all separate codebases. But they are architected in such a way that a change to the server code requires a change to each of the other components.


Organize Complex Projects

If you put all the code in one repo, you would always have the latest version. Although, things become unwieldy when you change one component and not the others.

If you store each component in a separate repo, there’s no good way to associate them with one another in Git. How would you know that version 2.0 of the app requires version 1.5 of the server? You could track this in a tool like Jira, but how would you be able to see with certainty that the work has been completed across multiple repos?

Span Reviews Across Project Repos

Helix TeamHub lets you have multiple Git repos inside a project. The server, the web app, the iOS component, and the Android component can each be in their own full-featured repo. They are all visible in the context of the project. This lets you see how they’re interrelated, and you can watch the team making changes to each in one place.

With the 2018.2 release, you now can create one code review that encompasses work being done by team members across multiple repos. Each individual commit in the review can be required to pass a build, be reviewed, satisfy assigned tasks, and be approved by a specified number of developers. This ensures that each of the changes is thoroughly examined before merging.

None of the work will be merged until all the reviews have passed their respective hurdles.

Your code quality increases, and developers are more likely to notice if something is missing. They can simply add it to an existing multi-repo code review.

Helix TeamHub gives developers Git, and it gives your enterprise the speed and performance of Perforce. You can tackle and organize code and non-code assets, manage multiple repos, and integrate easier.

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