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If you need to get your private git repositories up and running fast, Helix TeamHub is your simple, intuitive solution by Perforce for private git hosting and developer collaboration. This includes Git code reviews. 

Starting an account is easy—it only takes a password. A couple more clicks and you’ll have your first project up and running.

Add many git repositories to a single project or create a separate project for each git repository. Then add your team and start collaborating.

Highly Reliable with Daily Backups 

Perforce takes backups seriously. Daily backups of the Helix TeamHub application data and daily incremental backups of the repositories are stored on a separate disk, in an external service (AWS). Most important of all, Helix TeamHub’s uptime is +99.99%.

Why Rely on Helix TeamHub for Private Git Repository Hosting?

Multi-Repo Support & Seamless Collaboration


Multiple Repositories

In addition to Git hosting, Helix TeamHub supports SVN, Mercurial, Maven, Docker registries and more—all from a single platform.


Seamless Collaboration

Helix TeamHub includes branch-based Git code review, issue tracking, and built-in Wiki for quick, effective team collaboration.

Webhooks and Open APIs

You probably use a lot of tools already. Helix TeamHub makes it easy to integrate with all of them.

Helix TeamHub offers more than 75 out-of-the-box integrations with the most popular collaboration, project management, and CI/CD tools, and offers a RESTful API to connect with others.

Helix TeamHub offers countless webhooks, 100 percent API coverage, and free git repository hosting

Improved Teamwork

It’s easy to grant colleagues and contributors access to your Helix TeamHub instance. Use commenting for discussion, and comment even on a single line of code if needed.

Code repository tools like Helix TeamHub make code reviews simple and intuitive

Other Features in Addition to Free Git Repository Hosting

Helix TeamHub is more than just a Git hosting platform. To streamline your software development workflow, Helix TeamHub includes issue tracking with a Kanban board view, a Wiki for project-specific documentation and file sharing, and delegated user management.

Helix TeamHub, a free private git repository hosting client, offers issue tracking, a Wiki, and delegated user management

Multi-Repo Support

Host your code together with your build artifacts. Helix TeamHub supports both Maven and Ivy repositories, so you can manage and maintain all of your software assets under one platform.

Take control of your images. Create a Docker registry inside a project to store and manage your private Docker container images. When it comes time to build, seamlessly connect the Docker registries to your DevOps pipeline using tools such as Jenkins.

With Helix TeamHub, you can host your private git repositories with your build artifacts

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