April 5, 2011

Webinar: Surround SCM as a Key Ingredient in Your Flavor of Agile

Surround SCM
Version Control
The customers and prospects we typically work with are medium-sized and larger businesses that understand the business value of Agile, but are leery of going "all in" right away. What we see in these cases is a slow transition where they evaluate various Agile practices, keeping only the ones that improve team productivity without hampering their ability to meet existing quality, reporting, and compliance requirements. One area where we can help is with tooling for these companies in transition. Seapine ALM provides an alternative between legacy systems built on Waterfall concepts and pure Agile tools that focus almost exclusively on the project management side of Agile. Surround SCM, an integrated source control and change management tool, is a key component of Seapine ALM for developers. Fernando Cremer, a product consultant here at Seapine, will be demonstrating how an integrated solution like Seapine ALM can support your adoption of Agile practices. Some of what he'll cover in Surround SCM includes:
  • Flexible branching models that support rapid development and refactoring
  • The benefits of linking code changes with stories and issues in TestTrack
  • Using continuous integration tools with Surround SCM
If you're struggling to make a tool like Subversion or Git work in a hybrid development environment, join us for this webinar.