May 22, 2008

What do I do?

I am always asked how I would organize my scripts and workspaces. I am also asked to explain how and when I record my scripts. Before I start automating I outline the test I want to automate. I then try and break down the test into bite size pieces. If I have a test that requires me to login to my application and create a new contact, I try and view it as two tasks or two scripts. The first task or script would be the login. I first create a new script and record the login process into it. Most tools encrypt your password so no worries. Once my Login script is recorded I then save it as a separate file and store it in an area for either the test or utility scripts. Creating a new contact sounds easy but my test requires that I iterate through a dataset stored in the company database. My first step would be to record the new script. I enter some sample data into all the fields that I may be testing. This allows the tool to record my entries. After a successful record, I then replay my script. I get it working just the way want it. I am now ready to setup my dataset. Each tool its different, but QA Wizard allows me to select the datasheet I want to iterate. I change the typed text statements and enter the column locations for each controls data point. I run it to make sure it works. All I have left is to make an executable test. I create a batch adding the two scripts I created. I then send my batch to the scheduler or runtime tool and away we go. I always try and break down my tests into the smallest bite size chunks. This allows me to reuse them and to make changes without destroying the main areas of my test.