May 23, 2011

What's Coming: Perforce to Unveil CMS Product


This post is part of a series. This week is a look at what is coming from Perforce in the immediate future as we lead up to the User Conference next week.

Did you know that only one in four of the top one million web sites is created and managed with a commercial or open source Content Management System (CMS) tool yet hundreds of CMS products are available either for purchase or free download?

Why is that? In our research, we discovered that many companies find the lack of proper versioning features and poor check in/out performance in the currently available tools to be critical issues. So instead of utilizing a ready-made solution, companies prefer to create their own CMS application on top of an SCM such as Perforce.

This "home grown" approach may have worked well for simple publishing, however, consumer demands have forced companies to shift from just managing and publishing simple Web sites to the daunting complexities of multichannel customer engagement. Add to that the challenges associated with new content types and you can understand why many companies find it untenable to build and maintain the required tools.

Over the past year we have heard many requests for an easy to use CMS product based on Perforce. We listened and created a CMS  that will closely integrate and leverage the power of the Perforce you have come to know and love.

The Perforce CMS makes the creation and management of content quite simple. Content authors may use visual tools and a WYSIWYG editor to easily create sites, while experienced web developers may directly edit HTML code. With the scope of content management changing rapidly, Perforce enables end users and professional developers alike to extend the capabilities of the CMS core product. In addition, the open APis make it easy to integrate the Perforce CMS with other tools and systems such as CRMs and sales automation.  

At this year’s Perforce User Conference, come hear how our new CMS product is shaping up. See how Perforce enables such features as concurrent editing, lossless cloning, deep versioning, and custom web application development. And learn how to get your hands on the beta version.

Perforce CMS Product