October 13, 2016

What's New in QA Wizard Pro 2016.2

Helix ALM
QA Wizard Pro 2016.2 is now available and it includes some awesome new features you’ll want to check out.

Monitor script playback in real-time using the new dashboard

Use the web-based QA Wizard Pro dashboard to monitor script playback in real-time. It can help you see an overview of the most recent playback sessions run and statistics about your team’s automated tests, such as the number of sessions run during a date range and per test computer. More infoqawpDashboardNote: To set up the dashboard, an administrative user needs to install the dashboard files on the computer that hosts the QA Wizard Pro Server and configure a web server. Learn more.

Find all references to functions, subroutines, and variables

You can now quickly find all places where variables, functions, and subroutines are referenced in scripts. The information displayed in the References pane can help you determine the impact of a change before updating a variable, function, or subroutine name or definition when you are modifying or debugging scripts. Learn more.qawpFindAllReferences

More statements that return text string information

Use the following new statements to search for and compare text strings.
  • ContainsSubStr, EndsWithSubStr, and StartsWithSubStr return True or False to indicate if a full text string contains, ends with, or starts with a specified substring.
  • StrCompare returns an integer to indicate if two strings match or the string sorted first based on alphabetical order comparison.
  • StrEquals returns True or False to indicate if two strings match.

Schedule data removals

In addition to manually removing playback data from the server database, QA Wizard Pro Server administrators can now also schedule removals. This makes it easy to automatically remove unneeded data at a set time or on a regular basis. Learn more.qawpDataRemovalSchedule

Want to know more?

Check out the release notes and help to learn more about QA Wizard Pro 2016.2.