July 20, 2012

Why (Perforce’s) Software Is Eating The World

Version Control

wine lab technology

My sister-in-law, a professional winemaker, was recently telling me about the various problems they were having opening a new lab. Many of these problems were related to their computer systems, and I remarked that every company these days is a technology company, even if they don’t realize it. That’s because almost every modern business relies on heaps of technology and computer software. It also implies that companies that think of themselves as technology companies have an advantage over those that don’t.

This is nothing new, of course; it’s been happening all around us with the rise of internet businesses and the fall of “brick and mortar” companies that could not, or would not, reinvent themselves. But what I hadn’t really realized before was the importance of Perforce to this story.

Thinking about the wine lab led me to an interesting article. The disruptive and growing impact of software development on all aspects of business is the topic of an essay by Marc Andreessen of the venture capital firm Andreessen-Horowitz: Why Software Is Eating The World. What struck me while reading it was that the companies used to illustrate the profound power of software development are by and large Perforce customers. That is, the software that is eating the world has largely been developed with Perforce.

Andreessen makes a good case for an impending software revolution across industries, even for businesses that are currently software based. Reading the article, it really hit home that Perforce has not just an opportunity, but a responsibility to enable companies to effectively develop the software needed for their revolutions. We are ready and able to continue to lead the charge.

Since Perforce has already proven our mettle at enterprise scale, adapting to current and breaking trends in software development creates endless product opportunities. Tools like Git have burst into the enterprise, carrying a heap of questions for deployment at scale along with much developer love. Perforce is answering those questions by real-time translating of Git on the developer side into Perforce on the corporate and governance side. Much more than mere repository hosting, Perforce re-unifies your codebase that was cut up into distributed repos.

Another maturing trend is how version management fits into the larger ALM picture. In additional to numerous ALM integrations, our recent partnership with Assembla is a step in this direction, tying distributed agile and social together on top of the Perforce enterprise platform.

Version everything with Perforce Commons brings the power of version management, long enjoyed by software developers, to everyone in the enterprise.

Stay tuned for more on our future-reaching strategies!