January 3, 2013

WIRED Features Christopher Seiwald's Advice on Growing Your Codebase

Is the writing on the wall about managing your codebase? Image: Nat W/Flickr
Image: Nat W/Flickr

We’re excited to let you know that an article penned by our founder, President and CTO Christopher Seiwald is currently featured on Wired. Titled “Why Managing Your Codebase Is Vital to Company Growth,” it’s a great read about how managing your codebase often takes a backseat in the start-up process, but really should be riding shotgun. With nearly two decades of enterprise version management experience, Christopher has seen both good and bad practices in managing ongoing source code development. In this article, he shares three things for start-ups to consider so their code can grow and scale together with their companies. Enjoy!

Read the article on WIRED.com.