September 23, 2013

Your First Step to Continuous Delivery Nirvana - Register now!

Continuous Delivery

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So, you're about to start a new project and hear that there's a wonderful new development approach that's dramatically reducing time to market and increasing customer satisfaction. Sounds pretty exciting, let's go!

Hold on, how do you get started and maximize chances of success?

Well, the first step is probably to stop drinking the Kool-A-aid and step back from the keyboard for a while!

We've heard a lot about lots of wonderful new methodologies over the last 30 years or so and some have even worked. For example, teams that have adopted Agile methods in a serious and pragmatic way have seen great improvements in productivity and customer satisfaction compared to traditional waterfall lifecycles.

The latest and greatest IT approach that's generating a lot of buzz is "Continuous Delivery" - building a development and release pipeline where early feedback, automated build and test with incremental deployments into production can dramatically speed up release cycles. As with many of these new ideas, it turns out that a lot of teams have been doing it for years although perhaps not using that name. At the Perforce Merge 2013 Conference over 40 organizations nominated themselves for an award in the Perforce Versionairies Continuous Delivery category. That suggests success is absolutely possible and there's a lot of experience that can be called on to learn from.

I'm really excited to be involved in a webinar Perforce is hosting with Forrester analyst Jeffery Hammond and Ajit Zadgaonkar of Jeffery will be reviewing the current state of play for Continuous Delivery and will provide actionable recommendations on how best to adopt a Continuous Delivery approach. Ajit will be sharing the lessons learned from implementing Continous Delivery in the real world at I'll be sharing a few other Perforce customer stories and reviewing how they've used their Perforce versioning service to enable Continuous Delivery success.

Perhaps you shouldn't step too far from the keyboard as your first step to Continuous Delivery - you need to be close enough to register & log in to the Webinar!