New Product Name

As of September 12, Deveo is now Helix TeamHub. The new name and branding represent our new, integrated solution from Deveo and Perforce.

Helix TeamHub can be hosted in our cloud or on your own servers with Helix TeamHub Enterprise, powered by Helix4Git.

Changes to Cloud

On September 12, you can log in to the Deveo cloud app, now Helix TeamHub, from either:

Once logged in, the application itself will display the domain. Both domains will work for a period of at least 6 months. The domain name will expire at a future date, however customers will receive more information and multiple notices prior to expiration.

The username for accessing repositories over SSH protocol changes from "deveo" to “hth”. The "deveo" username remains functional until further notice. Helix TeamHub web UI only shows clone URLs with "hth" username and "" domain.

I’m Using Cloud for Free. What About Me?

Effective September 12, new sign-ups to Helix TeamHub will be allowed up to 5 users and 1GB of storage for free.

If you are an existing cloud user and have more than 5 users or 1GB of storage, we will begin to enforce these limits on October 12. To upgrade your account, please contact [email protected].

Changes to On-Premises

For on-premises customers, the name change and branding updates are in the 2017.2 release, which became available for download on October 6, 2017.

Existing users can download it here. You will need to perform a fresh installation and migrate your data. Migration instructions can be found here. If you have questions regarding this process, please email [email protected].

I’m Using the On-Premises Version for Free. What About Me?

Thank you for trying Deveo on your own servers! With Helix TeamHub, Perforce is no longer offering a free on-premises version. You can sign up for a free cloud account or purchase Helix TeamHub Enterprise by contacting [email protected].


Deveo Customer Portal

As part of our work to integrate systems, the Deveo Customer Portal has been shut down, effective immediately. All customer resources in the Deveo Customer Portal are available to you via the links below.




Billing & License Keys

In September, all invoices and license keys will be delivered via email from Perforce.

Product Downloads

You can find the current release of Helix TeamHub Enterprise, the on-premises version, and all associated apps from the Downloads section of

Manuals, KB, and Release Notes

Product manuals can be found on in our technical Documentation section. You can also access each guide directly at:

The existing Knowledge Base is available here while release notes are located on and available here.

How to Contact Support

Email support is available to paying Cloud customers. Fill out the request form online or email support directly at [email protected].

Premium support, which includes phone and 24/7 access, is available for an additional fee to Premium cloud customers and on-premises customers. Contact Sales for more information.


More about Perforce

Perforce is a world leader in enterprise-class version management, collaboration, and agile project management solutions for teams delivering multi-technology products at scale.Perforce has a 20-year history of building and supporting developer productivity tools. The company has 250 employees and 7 offices worldwide.

Perforce recognized in Deveo a unique solution that simplifies the management of multiple asset repositories and version control systems. And once integrated with the Perforce portfolio of development lifecycle solutions, will give customers a broader range of products and solutions to accelerate and manage their technology development projects.