What's New in Hansoft?

From better Kanban boards to improved integrations, explore the latest updates to Hansoft 10!  

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Better Boards

Kanban boards in Hansoft showing images on cards and linked dependencies
More board visualizations in Hansoft 10! See dependencies, attached images, and WIP limits.

Link Dependent Cards

View links between cards as connections on the board to understand how items are connected at a glance. Once a link has been created (right-click on card, select “Link to item”, right-click on card to be connected, select “Link to selected”). Click “Show” in upper right to toggle the visualization on or off.

Map Columns to Statuses

Visualize your progress by mapping your board columns to an item status (In progress, Blocked, etc.). Then, simply move a card to update its status. That change aggregates up to the Schedule view, Product backlog, and Quality assurance sections for committed items. How? Right-click on a column to set status.

Access Boards From To-Do List

Jump from home base to the board view with a click. Quickly see the context of your item by moving directly from your To-Do list to the board it’s on. Right-click an item and select “Go to in board view”.

Set WIP Limits

Visualize bottlenecks and balance your pipeline by setting WIP (Work-in-Progress) limits.Right-click on a column header to set a WIP limit. If the number of cards in that column exceeds the WIP limit, column borders turn red, indicating an overflow issue. More on Kanban WIP limits.

See Images

Attention: animators and artists!An attached image now shows directly on a card. Right-click on an attachment and selecting ‘Show on card’. Because an image says a thousand words…

Improved Integrations

Hansoft has more powerful Jira and Helix Core integrations.

Jira — Configure Your Way

For reduced visual noise, more freedom, and simpler administration, integration managers can now choose how Hansoft and Jira speak to each other by syncing selected fields only.


Helix Core — Linux Integration
Hansoft’s Helix Core integration now runs on Linux for streamlined IT management and support.


Helix Core — Link to Swarm

Teams integrating Hansoft with Helix Core & Swarm can move clearly and easily between the various tools.When you link a Hansoft item and a Helix Core job, a link to the job in Swarm is posted in Hansoft.

Other Highlights

Read on to explore more highlights in Hansoft.

Declutter Your Newsfeed

Only want to see comments by actual users?Automatic status change messages in the comment stream can now be disabled at the user level. Less visual clutter. Better communication.

Keep % Allocation

Hansoft now remembers a user’s allocation percentage when an item is re-assigned. If you’re working in advanced scheduling processes (and need to keep a close eye on allocations), have confidence your allocations are accurate.

Improve Your Big Picture

Working on multi-year projects? In the timeline,you can zoom out even further for a better, clearer overview of your long-term plan.

Make Plans More Readable

Keep your plans tidy by hiding leaf items (previously only parent items) in both the Schedule and Product backlog view.

Admins: Track Change Better

Server admins now have better understanding of server and user events. The Hansoft server log contains entries for when users or projects are changed, such as when a user is given administration permission, or added/removed to a project, or when a project is added/deleted.

PDF Your Plan

Want to share your perfect plan with stakeholders?The timeline schedule can now be exported to a PDF, and then either printed or presented outside of Hansoft. In top navigation, click “More”, “Export & import…”, then “Export Timeline to PDF”.

Find Hyperlinks Fast

Paste your Hansoft hyperlink in the “Find” field to locate the item automatically (and with much less sorting!).

What's New in Hansoft?

Hansoft 10 is here! It has many improvements to help you ship better products faster, including an all-new board view.

Rikard Nilsson, Hansoft Product Owner, shares highlights of the new board view in Hansoft 10.

Build Integrations With All-New API

Hansoft 10 includes a brand-new API, which makes it even easier to integrate Hansoft and your favorite web applications — or build your very own apps using Hansoft data.



Refresh Your View With Updated UI

Inspired by the Swedish pine forests (Hansoft was created in Sweden), there's also an updated UI. With a fresh new green look, Hansoft 10 is even more streamlined and easy to use.

Improve Estimates Automatically

How much time exactly did you or your team members spend on certain tasks? Now you can automate many different calculations. So you can quickly understand, for example, how accurate an original estimate was compared to actual time to completion. Specifically, you can use “Time Spent” columns in function columns expressions. Time spent is a numerical column that can be used in arithmetic expressions with other columns or integers (e.g. “Time Spent”, “Estimated hours”).

Give Templates Custom Names

Your favorite templates? Name them whatever you want. In the “Edit Project” dialog, you can define names for the five custom templates. It’s easier to see which template belongs to which project and also reduces the risk that someone will edit a template they shouldn’t be touching. Increases ease of use and robustness. Select the custom template you wish to name, click “Edit custom template” and proceed to type in a name.

item details improvements
Reduce visual clutter and easily access the item details you need.

Hide Old Bugs

QA teams often have more closed issues than open ones. And sorting through open bugs can be time-consuming. Now Hansoft users can quickly filter out fixed issues, allowing full focus on current ones. When using Find or when creating a report, the setting, however, is ignored. This new feature works similarly to how the show/hide setting currently works in the other views.

Declutter Item Details

With new features and bug fixes in the item details section, you can reduce visual clutter and easily access the item details you need. You can now reorder multi-line text columns and also collapse or restore individual sections (Multi-line columns/Comments/Attachments).

administrator search
Hansoft Admins can now find their project quickly using the search field.

Add Items With Flexible Flagging

Product owners and managers working in the backlog can now customize how new items are flagged.  The option to “Flag new items as user stories” (Customize project, Agile and Scheduling) is now available as two separate options in the Backlog and Planning views. The option in the Backlog only affects new backlog items, and the option in the Planning view only affects new sprint items.

Previously, this setting affected both the Backlog and Planning view at the same time. In Planning view, most teams did not want items to be flagged as user stories automatically, since there are often many different types of items there. In the Backlog view on the other hand, almost every item will be a user story of some kind. Splitting the option allows product owners to quickly get their backlog items flagged as user stories.

Search and Find Projects Quickly

No more combing through the database for projects. Hansoft Admins with large databases can now find their project quickly. You’ll find a search field in the Projects tab in the Admin view, which filters by project name in the project list.

Make Exported Reports Click

When exporting an item view in Dashboards to XLS, you’ll find a clickable link to the item included as a separate column.Anyone, manager or user, who needs to provide reports to someone outside of Hansoft via Microsft Excelcanprovide quick, easy links back into Hansoft from an exported data sheet, simplifying the reporting.

view preset improvements
Copy your presets quickly, with fewer clicks.

Set Up View Presets 66% Faster

Previously, a user with many columns had to tick many boxes in three different sections in order to set up a simple view preset. Now the same user only has to select the desired columns in a single section, then copy it to the other two with two clicks, reducing the amount of work by 66 percent. How?Managers and users can now use a new button in the "Edit preset" dialogue. While working in the "Item Details" or "Bug Item Details" tabs, this button copies the selected columns and column order from the "Columns tab".

Moving Documents? No Comment Required 

If you work with attachments, you’ll notice you no longer need to add a comment when renaming or moving documents. This is an expansion of a previous update. A similar change was made to the Document policy setting “Comment required when adding, editing or deleting documents” in the Admin view.

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What's New in Hansoft?

We've been making updates of all kinds to your product. Because, at Perforce, we believe your Agile planning tool should do more than help you plan and ship a hit product. It should also make your work a little easier.

Report Time Anytime

Forget to record your time last Tuesday? No worry. In the time reporting module, just go to the day you want to report and click “Create new row”.

Note: The time reporting module is not available in free versions of Hansoft.

Screenshot of time reporting feature

Bring Focus to the Admin View

Admins: Declutter your view by filtering archived projects from the project list.No need to bog down your daily work with unnecessary information! Bring focus to your active projects. They’re still present in the database, but no one (except you, of course) can access them. Maybe now you can go home five minutes earlier and have dinner with your kids!

Screenshot of hyperlinking feature

Communicate Instantly With New Icons

Stop. Pause. Warning. Communicate instantly with your team using the new set of icons we’ve added to custom drop-list columns.

Screenshot of new icons for items

Hyperlink to Item IDs

Linking to items just got easier. Previously, an item’s hyperlink only contained the name.  Now it  includes the ID of the item, both in the URL where “?ID=1” is appended, and the name where the ID is added as a prefix. It’ll look something like this:  35912 - Work area.

Get Warned Before Deleting 100+ Items

Wait! Are you sure want to delete that? Anyone deleting more than 100 items, whether in a sub-folder or elsewhere, will be shown an additional warning. (We thought it should be far more difficult for our customers to accidentally create a catastrophe.)

Understand Releases at a Glance

This feature is for you, managers and producers!  When selecting releases in the timeline, the release names now show at the top. Scroll through the list of items with full understanding of exactly which release you have selected, and which items are planned to be completed.

Switch Between Gantt & Agile Views

The road between Gantt and Agile just got another path. For those who haven’t mastered the shortcut for switching between Agile and Gantt views(Ctrl/Cmd+W), we’ve added a “Switch to Gantt/Agile interface” command available in the top-left view menu.

Dive Deeper Into Dashboards

Like dashboards?  Have lots of projects? Select “Project” as a column in item views in Dashboardsto see from which project an item originates. For example, get a fast overview of the source of a critical bug.

Attach Quickly Without Comment

Smile if you work with attachments! You can now skip commenting on a document you’re adding, editing or deleting (for example, adding attachments to items). This behavior can be changed in Document policy in the Admin tab.

Click Commit Icons

Long-time and new users alike will enjoy this feature, which lets you navigate your complex projects with ease. Jump between the backlog, quality assurance, and planning view by clicking on icons of committed backlog items and bugs. When you click an icon while in the backlog or quality assurance view, you jump to the item in the planning view. When you click an icon while in the planning view, you jump to the item in backlog or quality assurance views.