What's New in Hansoft?

We've been making updates of all kinds to your product. Because, at Perforce, we believe your Agile planning tool should do more than help you plan and ship a hit product. It should also make your work a little easier.

Report Time Anytime

Forget to record your time last Tuesday? No worry. In the time reporting module, just go to the day you want to report and click “Create new row”.

Note: The time reporting module is not available in free versions of Hansoft.

Screenshot of time reporting feature

Bring Focus to the Admin View

Admins: Declutter your view by filtering archived projects from the project list.No need to bog down your daily work with unnecessary information! Bring focus to your active projects. They’re still present in the database, but no one (except you, of course) can access them. Maybe now you can go home five minutes earlier and have dinner with your kids!

Screenshot of hyperlinking feature

Communicate Instantly With New Icons

Stop. Pause. Warning. Communicate instantly with your team using the new set of icons we’ve added to custom drop-list columns.

Screenshot of new icons for items

Hyperlink to Item IDs

Linking to items just got easier. Previously, an item’s hyperlink only contained the name.  Now it  includes the ID of the item, both in the URL where “?ID=1” is appended, and the name where the ID is added as a prefix. It’ll look something like this:  35912 - Work area.

Get Warned Before Deleting 100+ Items

Wait! Are you sure want to delete that? Anyone deleting more than 100 items, whether in a sub-folder or elsewhere, will be shown an additional warning. (We thought it should be far more difficult for our customers to accidentally create a catastrophe.)

Understand Releases at a Glance

This feature is for you, managers and producers!  When selecting releases in the timeline, the release names now show at the top. Scroll through the list of items with full understanding of exactly which release you have selected, and which items are planned to be completed.

Switch Between Gantt & Agile Views

The road between Gantt and Agile just got another path. For those who haven’t mastered the shortcut for switching between Agile and Gantt views(Ctrl/Cmd+W), we’ve added a “Switch to Gantt/Agile interface” command available in the top-left view menu.

Dive Deeper Into Dashboards

Like dashboards?  Have lots of projects? Select “Project” as a column in item views in Dashboardsto see from which project an item originates. For example, get a fast overview of the source of a critical bug.

Attach Quickly Without Comment

Smile if you work with attachments! You can now skip commenting on a document you’re adding, editing or deleting (for example, adding attachments to items). This behavior can be changed in Document policy in the Admin tab.

Click Commit Icons

Long-time and new users alike will enjoy this feature, which lets you navigate your complex projects with ease. Jump between the backlog, quality assurance, and planning view by clicking on icons of committed backlog items and bugs. When you click an icon while in the backlog or quality assurance view, you jump to the item in the planning view. When you click an icon while in the planning view, you jump to the item in backlog or quality assurance views.