To execute on a quick migration of legacy data from one system to another, it’s important to keep the complexity as low as possible and limit the number of assumptions.

Learn how automating the whole process with depot relocation, IP creation, releases, and container creation enabled a Methodics IPLM customer to execute their migration in less than one week.

Stress Less Over Modernizing Your Design and IP Management System

This customer's original plan was to migrate all projects in development to Methodics IPLM and keep legacy data on the legacy version control system. In the end, however, they ended up in a situation where they had to transition all data to Methodics IPLM, and only had one week to do it.

Read this white paper to learn how this was completed with a walkthrough of:

  • Thought process and decisions made throughout the migration.
  • Risk reduction strategy.
  • Strategies that allowed a recreation of all legacy data releases, containers, and design data.
  • Concepts of Methodics IPLM.
  • Mapping from the legacy system.
  • Organization of data in Perforce.
  • IP creation process.
  • Execution of the migration.

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