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Helix IPLM

IP Lifecycle Management with full traceability.

Helix Core

Industry-standard data management for large binary assets.

Helix Plan

Scalable planning software with built-in reporting.

What You Get

The Semiconductor Starter Pack includes full versions of these leading Perforce software tools for 10 users. Fill out the form to get more information and your introductory price.

We also offer special pricing on 10+ seats and add-on implementation services to help jumpstart your team.

Join the Ranks — Learn Why 9/10 Top Semiconductor Companies Use Perforce

The world’s most innovative software companies trust Perforce to meet time-to-market demands.

“When we were looking for an IP lifecycle management solution, we knew we needed one that would provide true design collaboration between our worldwide sites and also scale as we continued to grow.”

Tarun Gupta, Associate Vice President of Mixed-Signal Engineering at Acacia Communications, Inc. 

One Solution Streamlines Your Workflow

Why do semiconductor companies love Perforce? We help support your developers + designers, uniting team members and their assets so they can deliver faster.

  • Secure, centralize, and organize metadata.
  • Enable full traceability of IP across teams.
  • Implement configuration and release management.
  • Manage the Bill of Materials for all designs.
  • Build workspaces from complex IP hierarchies.
Helix Core
  • Most secure enterprise data management.
  • Versions massive files around the globe, fast.
  • Creates source of truth for entire organization.
  • Built for developers and designer friendly.
  • Simple enough for small teams, scales as you grow.
Logo Helix Plan
  • Collaborate in real time across disciplines.
  • Flexible to use with any development methodology.
  • Built for scalable backlog management.
  • Accelerates planning efficiency by up to 20%.
  • Built-in reporting functionality.

How Perforce Solutions Work Together

Helix IPLM gives designers a platform to manage IP. It integrates natively with Helix Core, making data management seamless to users. These two solutions support developers and designers. With Helix Plan, you can track this collaboration ensuring teams are meeting deadlines with reliable reporting.

Helix Core, Helix IPLM, Helix Plan

“We needed a system that helps us manage the IP we have today and supports best practices for IP reuse moving forward. Methodics offered a powerful solution by providing use with a collaborative platform to perform IP reuse more efficiently and in a sustainable, scalable way.”

— Rick Stawicki, Executive Director, EDA Engineering, Maxim Integrated

Why Do You Need the Semiconductor Starter Pack?

Accelerate Time-to-Market

Maintain Full Traceability

Secure Everything

Unite Developers and Designers

Reduce Risk

Reduce Costs

Start Small and Prepare Your Startup

Choosing Perforce gives your organization a foundation to scale. Don’t wait to outgrow your tools. Get enterprise-grade software at a startup price.

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