Secure IP Management With Perforce

The Helix version control system is the world's most securable version control system, providing enterprise-grade control and traceability for valuable IP assets. 

Traceability & Auditability

The Helix Development Platform includes the solutions that provide effective traceability by allowing teams to document the life of the product development process, so that every artifact can be easily traced all the way back to the originator of the initial request.

By creating relationships and links between development artifacts such as requirements, test cases, test results, resolutions, and source code, the fully integrated Helix ALM and Helix Core version control software together allow stakeholders, managers, and regulators to quickly review, from a high level, every action and decision within the product development lifecycle – or drill down to detailed information as needed.  Down to the IP level, Helix provides a clear history so stakeholders can discover who changed what, when they changed it, and where they were with an indelible history across an entire workflow.

Traceability & Auditability

Access Control & File Permissions

Enterprise organizations rely on collaborative, distributed teams accessing sensitive IP from many locations. To avoid data leaks from malicious or negligent employees, and to optimize for product-critical compliance, DevOps teams must secure their code and grant users access to only the intellectual property that they need.

With Helix, admins can control access as granularly as needed—down to the repository, branch, directory, or even individual file. Helix admins can also control how users complete work with command rights that deny or allow users to read, write, or open files. Customize both the actions and locations users are granted – restricting access based on network IP address to specific sections of your project repos.

Access Control & File Permissions

Flexible Authentication

The first line of defense in IP security is knowing who is trying to get in. Development organizations must optimize how their internal teams access IP while eliminating unwanted user access. Helix supports native authentication using Active Directory, LDAP, and external triggers, allowing customers to implement their own custom authentication methods. A variety of security and compliance authentication methods, such as multi-factor authentication and Helix SAML, can be easily implemented. 

Flexible Authentication

Secure Replication

For organizations in need of highly performant and secure version control to manage their enterprise IP, secure replication can be implemented to safely transfer file data and revisions to remote offices, via secure replica servers. Easily configure replica servers to transfer only the data specifically permitted. All data transferred between Helix and Helix replica servers are secured via SSL encryption.

Secure Replication

Scalable Protection

Most product teams have users or collaborators who work in different global locations, including internal employees, contractors, and business partners. Project collaboration with diverse teams requires fine-grained access control to secure IP during development. Optimizing how data is shared as your projects scale is imperative, and includes full design traceability with audit logs, network IP address access control, and data transfer and data at rest encryption for all users of replicated remote repositories and depots.

Scalable Environments

Helix Core

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IP Protection for Your Enterprise

Organizations choose Helix Core version control software to manage their high-value IP, navigate regulatory compliance, and satisfy requirements with traceable change management. Helix is the single source of truth for protecting intellectual property in the enterprise. 

Industry Expertise

Customers from every industry around the globe rely on Perforce solutions to provide enterprise IP protection for their development processes, offering a solution that meets regulatory standards without sacrificing speed or flexibility. Organizations specializing in banking and finance, medical devices, automotive, and embedded systems, where millions of dollars are at risk, use Helix to dramatically increase their IP protection.

Track Record

With nearly two decades of experience in version control and application lifecycle management solutions, Perforce has a long history of field-proven success.  Perforce continues to refine and extend its development suite delivering new capabilities and support within collaborative environments, with a particular focus on the needs of distributed teams delivering highly complex and regulated technology products. 

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