Preparing for Cybersecurity Threats

Enterprises are always looking to release faster. Using version control can help accelerate releases for both traditional development and DevOps teams. And version control is critical for protecting intellectual property.

Developers, systems, and tools all interact with your version control system. It can simultaneously protect your organization’s digital assets from internal/external threats and accelerate developer productivity.

Enterprises should operate with the assumption that they are already being attacked. And cyberattacks don’t just mean outside attackers. Teams need to implement strategies that continuously monitor access, both internally and externally.

    Preparing for Cybersecurity Threats

    How to Build Your Defense in Depth Strategy

    To create defense in depth, you’ll need to construct layers that prevent, detect, and respond to threats. These layers provide redundancy. And this is necessary for security.

    If a particular security control fails or a vulnerability is exploited, you’ll know that you have backup defenses in place. Helix Core — the world's most securable version control system — helps you enhance your existing security infrastructure.


    Secure all your development assets, as well as your DevOps pipeline.


    Minimize your risk by setting up permissions and verifying users.


    Safeguard your company’s reputation and your global environment. 

    Control Network Access to Your Infrastructure

    Control Network Access to Your Infrastructure

    Your version control system is a critical part of your business. To avoid version control becoming a doorway to your valuable intellectual property, you need to configure your system with security in mind.

    Helix Core can fit into your existing security setup — whether it’s deployed on-premises, in your preferred cloud provider, or in a hybrid configuration.

    Along with cloud and network security tools –– such as firewalls and routers, security groups and ACLs, segregated VPCs, and more –– Helix Core allows you to:

    • Implement TLS between clients and replicas to secure assets in transit.
    • Configure a unique port for your server, making it harder for intruders.
    • Define tickets with limited persistence for user access.

    Verification to Fit Your Needs

    One of the most important lines of defense includes reviewing who has access to what.

    To grant access to internal teams –– while eliminating unwanted security threats –– Helix Core integrates with Active Directory (AD)/LDAP and Helix SAML via Ping and Okta.

    In addition, Helix Core also supports multifactor authentication (MFA). This gives you 360-degree intellectual property protection. You can verify users from the client and the command-line.

    Set up Verification to Fit Your Needs

    Protect Down to the Individual File Level

    Once the user is authenticated, Helix Core gives you the ability to control access down to the file level by user and/or IP address, or by a CIDR range.

    Admins can control access as granularly as needed — to the repository, folder, or even an individual file. Admins define permission levels for individual or groups of users. And they proactively assign users or programs to read, write, or open specific files. 

    Protect Down to the Individual File Level

    Get Global Protection at Scale

    Modern development often involves collaborators working around the globe. Project collaboration with such diverse teams involves controlling how code is shared. And as your projects scale, so should your solution.

    Helix Core includes full design traceability. You’ll get audit logs, network IP address access control, and data encryption for all replicated repositories and depots.

    Replicas can safely transfer file data and revisions quickly. And you can easily configure replica servers to transfer only specifically permitted data. Don’t worry — everything that is transferred between Helix Core and Helix replica servers is secured via TLS encryption.

    Get Global Protection at Scale

    Version Control For Defense in Depth Protection

    Secure your most valuable Intellectual property. Scale without limits. And achieve seamless code review and collaboration.

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