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What's New in GitSwarm 16.3?

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Release 2016.3

Protect Branch Sets Via Wildcard Notation

Protect your branches automatically from deletion or accidental pushes, based on a wildcard character. Creating protected branches safeguards a large number of branches all at once, creating a more stable environment for your development and release branches.

Merge to Protected Branches

GitSwarm 16.3 leverages protected branches as an optimal approach for control over who can push or merge into your most important branches. Default settings ensure master permission is required to push or merge anything into a protected branch. Now your admins can also disallow or grant push/merge privileges to users with developer access.

Improved Diffs

From developers to admins to users, your content code is reviewed and created at a blistering pace. As a result, your users need better diffs to make agile changes at scale. GitSwarm 16.3 has improved side-by-side diffs to accurately show your changes, inline diffs will now show exact changes rather than just the entire line, and diffs can now be collapsed by filename, allowing reviews by individual files.


Manual Actions to Trigger Pipeline jobs

GitSwarm 16.3 gives release managers better control over their CI/CD pipelines. You may have your actions configured to automatically deploy changes to production, but what if you want to only automatically deploy to staging so you can perform manual QA before deploying to production?

Now you can. Define exactly how work is deployed in your pipeline with manual action triggers that appear in the web UI. Release managers can optimize any job by configuring manual deployments to be performed when a user chooses.

Bulk Subscribe to Issues

Manage your subscriptions to issues in bulk, making your workflow more efficient by focusing on new project activity of priority while softening the email load of your peripheral projects.

Arrange an optimized system of issue alerts that keeps you as informed as you require to manage your workflow.

Features & Fixes from GitLab 8.10.8

GitSwarm includes all the new features and fixes from GitLab 8.10.13


- 06 -
Release 2016.2

Streamline Your Installation

We simplified and hardened the installation process so that it’s faster and easier to start using the GitSwarm ecosystem to facilitate developer workflows securely and at scale.

Project Creation – New and Improved Alerting

With 16.2, you’re notified if projects fail to mirror when you create new projects.

Detailed Descriptions

Enlightenment is only an error message away. More detailed descriptions of common user problems will give you the insight you need to address the problem and move on to the next item on your to-do list.


More Options from the Very Beginning

Rid your screen of the clutter and unnecessary details with an expanded list of configuration options when you create a new project.

Features & Fixes from GitLab 8.8

GitSwarm incorporates all the new features and fixes from GitLab 8.8.