Helix ALM for Jira add-on has been updated in 2018.1.
April 18, 2018

Helix ALM 2018.1 Improves Collaboration and Visibility

Application Lifecycle Management


Helix ALM 2018.1 is here! It’s packed with new features and enhancements that improve visibility and collaboration, including great improvements to the Helix ALM web client.

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Watch Items to Be Notified About Changes.

Want to stay in the loop about items you are working on or are interested in? Now, it only takes one click.

Click Watch in issues, requirements, documents, test cases, and test runs to receive an email when an item changes. You will also see a notification in the Helix ALM web client if you are logged in. Users in security groups with the new Manage Users Watching Items command enabled can add and remove users as watchers on an item.  

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Watch items from the web client and get instant notifications when items change.

Desktop client users: you can now watch issues to stay informed. Same deal — just click Watch in the issue you are interested in.

Include Inline Images and Attachments in Email.

You asked and we listened. Now, you can include inline images and attach files to email sent from the Helix ALM web client. If you are sending email from a specific item, you can easily include files attached to the item in the email.

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Include inline attachments in emails sent from Helix ALM.

Work in Multiple Browser Tabs and Windows

This will make Helix ALM web client users happy! You can now open Helix ALM pages in multiple browser tabs and windows.

After logging in, you can open items and item lists in other tabs without logging in again or using additional licenses. This is helpful if you work on multiple screens and want to easily navigate back and forth between different areas of Helix ALM.

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Use the Improved Helix ALM Web Client

The Helix ALM web client is now even easier to use. Common actions like adding and editing items, sending email, and running reports are more convenient to access while you work.

Navigate the Helix ALM web client with ease.

You can also use the new workflow button bar to quickly add events to items.

Easily go through your workflows in Helix ALM.

Add New Helix ALM Items From Jira

You can now add new Helix ALM issues, requirements, documents, and test cases from Jira and automatically attach them to the issues they were added from.

This makes it easy to create an item without first switching to Helix ALM. And, it helps you make sure the item is attached to the related Jira issue so other team members have the information they need. The Helix ALM for Jira add-on is required.

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Work With Test Cases and Test Runs Using the REST API

We keep building on to the new REST API. You can now work with test cases and test runs. You can also perform more actions on issues.

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If you used a previous release of the REST API, make sure to review the list of changes we made that may affect your scripts or applications.

And More!

Here are a few more enhancements worth checking out:

  • Administrators can now add, edit, and reorder custom fields while other users are logged in. (Desktop client)
  • A test case generated from a requirement now automatically opens after generation.
  • Emails sent via system notification rules can include images from multi-line text fields.
  • Improved support for high resolution images in Microsoft Word exports. Administrators can control how images are exported for all projects on a Helix ALM Server in the registry utility.

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