Helix ALM 2018.2 adds Slack integration.
July 10, 2018

Helix ALM 2018.2 Adds Slack Integration (And More)

Application Lifecycle Management

Helix ALM 2018.2 is here! We’re excited to share these great new features and enhancements with you.

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Integrate With Slack

You can integrate Helix ALM with Slack to make collaboration with your team even easier.

Share Helix ALM Items in Slack

Share a link to a Helix ALM item in an integrated Slack channel. Overview information — such as the summary, item number, and description — about that item is automatically displayed.

All Helix ALM item types are supported:

  • Requirements
  • Requirement documents
  • Test cases
  • Test runs
  • Issues
Keep Everyone in Sync with Slack Notifications

Track Slack Conversations in Helix ALM

Your replies to Helix ALM messages are automatically added to the Helix ALM item. You’ll see a Comment workflow event (or another event configured for the integration) with the reply.

Here’s an example. You post a link to a requirement. A team member replies to the Helix ALM message that contains the item overview. That reply is shown on the Workflow tab in the item in Helix ALM.

Track and Transfer Conversations in Helix ALM

Push Helix ALM Updates to Slack

A developer can use Slack incoming webhooks and Helix ALM triggers to push information to a Slack workspace.

For example, you can post to a Slack channel every time a new issue is added to a project or when an issue changes. We even provide sample code to make this easy to implement!

Share and Preview Helix ALM Items in Slack

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Duplicate Folder Structures

You can duplicate the structure of a folder to use it again without manually creating the folder and all subfolders. This feature is now available in the Helix ALM web client.

Here’s an example. You may want to duplicate a hierarchy of folders for each release or test phase instead of manually creating the folders. Just select the folder you want to duplicate and click the Duplicate button.

Duplicate Folder Structures

Keep in mind that duplicated folders are empty. Items in the original folder and child folders are not added to duplicated folders.

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Let Customers Submit Issues in SoloSubmit

SoloSubmit is a simple set of webpages that customers and external users can use to submit issues to Helix ALM projects. No license or login is required.

You can customize SoloSubmit to match the look of your website and use the same terminology as your Helix ALM projects.

Reporting an issue

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Do More With the REST API

We’ve been busy adding more to the Helix ALM REST API in every release. Get more info >

Here’s what you’ll find in this release.

Work With Requirements and Documents

You can now get, add, and update requirements and requirement document details in the REST API. You can also search for requirements and documents.

Attach and Work With Files

You can now attach files to items, workflow events, issue Found by records, test case steps, and actual results in test run steps. You can also work with inline images from multi-line text fields.

Log in More Securely

Instead of using a username and password to log in to the REST API, you can use an API key for more secure authentication.

API keys are generated for a user in either the Helix ALM desktop client or Helix ALM License Server admin utility. You use the key ID and key secret in the REST API to authenticate. This eliminates the need to store usernames and passwords.

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Use Interactive Help to Find Answers

We now provide detailed, interactive help for REST API resources and response objects. Use the provided examples to accurately write code for your application or script.

View the help for your REST API version at https://<YourAPIServer>:8443 or for the current Helix ALM version here. More explanation about REST API concepts is also available.

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