Helix ALM 2018.3 Has Arrived
November 6, 2018

Test Suites Transform Test Case Management (and More) in Helix ALM 2018.3

Test Management
Application Lifecycle Management

Helix ALM 2018.3 is here! We’re excited to share these shiny new features and enhancements with you.

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Use Test Suites for Easier Test Planning and Execution

Everyone wants testing to be easier. We’re here to help. You can now create test suites in Helix ALM to group collections or series of related tests together, which benefits everyone  — managers, test authors, and testers.

Create Test Case and Test Run Suite Folders

Test case suites and test run suites are special types of folders used exclusively for test case management. These folders help you more easily reuse tests, keep them organized, and run them in the correct order (if that is important to your process).

Test suites are designed to only store testing assets. Test case suite folders can only contain test cases and other test case suites, and test run suite folders can only contain test runs and other test run suites.

Protect Your Test Plans

When a test suite is ready to use, you’ll want to prevent others from adding, removing, or reordering items in it. To keep your test suites intact, you can protect them by using folder permissions and locking — two more new features in this release.

How to Create a Test Case in Helix TCM


Generate Entire Test Run Suites From Test Case Suites

Helix ALM Web Client has an additional feature that makes using test suites even more powerful. You can generate an entire test run suite from a test case suite. The resulting test run suite has the same structure and test runs as the same order set in the source test case suite. This allows tests to be performed in the correct order. Click a button, select your options — you’re done.

How to Generate Test Suites in Helix ALM


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Protect Folders to Prevent Unintended Changes

You may have folders that you do not want others to change. You can now secure folders to maintain the integrity of their structure and the items in them.

Lock Folders to Prevent Changes

You can lock specific folders to prevent everyone from adding or removing items or subfolders, or editing the folder details. For example, lock a folder if the scope for a release is defined and you do not want anyone adding or removing items in the backlog. If a folder is locked, team members can still work with items, such as marking issues as fixed, because workflows control access to change items.

How to Lock Folders in Helix ALM

Set Folder Permissions to Give the Right People the Right Access

For a finer level of control than locking, you can set folder permissions to specify who can modify a folder and its contents. You can set permissions for specific users and security groups. You can grant the following levels of access:

  • All folder permissions.
  • Permission only to add, remove, and rank items in a folder.
  • Permission to only add items to a folder.
  • No permissions.

Viewing and editing items in folders is still controlled by security group settings and workflow.

How to Set Folder Permissions in Helix ALM

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Add Users to Multiple Security Groups

We heard you! And we’re happy to announce one of our most requested enhancements — you can now put users and customers in more than one security group.

This gives administrators more control and flexibility when managing security for large teams and multiple roles. You can reduce the number of groups in a project because you no longer need multiple groups that are nearly identical to provide the right access to the right people.

How to Add Users to Multiple Security Groups


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Improved Folders Usability in Helix ALM Web

You will see lots of cool enhancements when working with folders in Helix ALM Web. You should check it out for yourself, but here are some highlights:

  • In the tree in the Folders list, you can add folders and edit folder names inline without navigating away, pin a folder to only show it and its subfolders, and easily see matches when you search for folders.
  • When working with the list of items in the Folders list, you can more easily navigate to see the list of items, the task board, and folder details. You can control what is displayed in the list and how, use the Workflow bar to quickly enter events on items, and more.
  • In the Add to Folder dialog box, you can add a new folder without needing to go to the Folders list, select the type of folders to display, and pin folders.
Improved Folders Usability in Helix ALM

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REST API Enhancements

We keep on building up the REST API for each release. Starting with this release, you can work with:

  • The order and hierarchy of requirements in requirement documents (requirement trees).
  • Requirement document snapshots and details, including workflow events on them.
  • Historical versions of requirements, including workflow events on them.

You can also enable Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) support, including support for the OPTIONS method.

If you already use the REST API, review the list of changes we made in this release that may affect your scripts or applications.

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