Introducing Helix ALM 2017.1
November 3, 2017

What’s New in Helix ALM 2017.2

Application Lifecycle Management

Helix ALM 2017.2 (formerly TestTrack) is now available, with some exciting new features and enhancements that make it easier to share information, manage users and customers, and retrieve key information.

Save and Share Item List Tabs

Tabs make it simple to switch between multiple instances of an item list with different configurations. For example, you may have three tabs for the Issues list with different columns, filtering, and sorting. You can easily switch between those tabs to see what you need. You can now save tabs to use them again later. Learn more.

Helix ALM 2017.2 tabs
Tabs make it simple to switch between multiple instances of an item list with different configurations.

You can also share saved tabs with other team members. For example, a team lead may want to share a tab to help her team see issues that need to be fixed for the current release, including each issue’s priority, currently assigned user, and links to related user stories. Learn more. 

Helix ALM 2017.2 share tabs
Helix ALM 2017.2 lets you share saved tabs with other team members.

Tabs are a great resource to help with onboarding new team members. You can configure a tab to display helpful information, save it, and then set it as a default tab to show the first time new users in a security group log in. Learn more.

If you used views in earlier Helix ALM or TestTrack versions, they are converted to tabs when you upgrade.

Manage Users and Customers in Helix ALM Web

Helix ALM Web now has an Administration area where you manage users and customers.

Helix ALM Web admin area
You can now manage users and customers in Helix ALM Web's new Administration area.

You can:

  • Add users and customers to projects
  • View, edit, and delete existing users and customers
  • Retrieve global users and customers from the license server
  • Promote local users and customers to global
  • Run reports based on users and customers

Learn more.

Check Out the New REST API

Developers definitely should take a peek at the new Helix ALM REST API. The API makes it easy to extend Helix ALM functionality to integrate with other applications. Learn more.

Developers can currently use the REST API to retrieve information about issues. We’re working on adding more functionality in upcoming Helix ALM releases.

We need your feedback to help us build a powerful, user-friendly API. Contact Perforce Support if you have suggestions or questions.

Upgrade to Helix ALM 2017.2

Ready to upgrade Helix ALM 2017.2? If you have a current support and maintenance plan, upgrades are free. If you’re not already using Helix ALM, try it for free.