August 28, 2013

Announcing TestTrack 2013.1

Helix ALM
The latest and greatest TestTrack, version 2013.1, is now available and includes a unified web client, dashboards, and more. Here’s a video that highlights some of the features:
Unified Web Client The new web application replaces the original web client, TestTrack RM Reviewer, and TestTrack TCM Test Runner with a single, modern application. From your browser, you can:
  • Write, review, and approve requirements
  • Create, triage, prioritize, fix, and verify issues
  • Execute and track test runs
  • Run reports and monitor key project metrics
Web-based Dashboards TestTrack 2013.1 now gives you the ability to create and view dashboards in Seapine ALM Reporting Platform 2013.2 and later. With dashboards, you can:
  • Review and share team metrics and project status data from all TestTrack projects
  • Display data graphically with bar, line, and pie charts
  • Access key performance indicators while on the go
  • Embed TestTrack reports to quickly incorporate existing reports
Ready to check out the new web client and TestTrack 2013.1's other new features? Request a 30-day evaluation if you're new to TestTrack or upgrade now if you're a current user.