December 10, 2014

On-Demand Webinar: What’s New in TestTrack 2015

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “What’s New in TestTrack 2015” webinar.  The webinar recording is now available if you weren’t able to attend or if you would like to watch it again. Additionally, the full list of edited questions and answers is below the video.

Organize, Visualize, and Collaborate with TestTrack 2015

Questions & Answers

Can I configure the data  that gets rolled up on a swim lane?

Yes, there's a pick-list in the task board configuration settings where you can select to roll up any of the following, or choose to not show anything at all:
  • Estimated Hours
  • Actual Hours
  • Remaining Hours
  • Percent Done
  • Story Points

­Can I combine two or more states into one column in a task board?

­Yes, you can map 1 or more workflow states to any column.

­Can the columns in the task board be configured?

­Yes, you can configure up to 15 columns in a task board and provide each with a unique name and description.

­Does each user have to configure the task board or do all users see the configuration set up by the person creating the folder?

All users see the task board configuration selected by the person who created the folder. Each folder type has a default task board, so newly created folders can automatically show an appropriate task board.

­Is it possible to have a conditional path in the workflow? For example, can issues related to documentation follow a different path than issues related to code?

­Yes, that's done via Automation Rules. The Sample Scrum Project, which is installed by default, has a branching workflow like that for User Stories vs. Tasks. Go to Tools > Administration > Automation Rules to set up workflow branching rules. Here’s an example from our blog of setting up a workflow branch for feature requests versus bug reports.

Can I create a different workflow for each task board?­

You can map existing workflow states to different columns in each task board, which create sort of a “meta” workflow for that task board. You cannot change the core workflow setup for a specific task board, though. Any workflow changes you make (via Tools > Administration > Workflow) will apply to every task board. If you add a state in the test case workflow, for example, that new state will be available to be mapped to a column in every task board. However, the new state does not have to be mapped to the same column in every task board.

Is it possible to roll-up data on a per-sprint basis?

Yes, you can do that with the folder grouping option in a task board. Simply group by Folder at the release folder level, and each swimlane will roll-up the child sprint folders. The Sample Scrum Project includes a WysiCRM 1.0 release folder with individual sprints in child folders, as an example.

I see a widgets option in your Home page, but mine is disabled. What are widgets?

Widgets are part of the Home page feature that was first released with TestTrack 2014.1 in the summer of 2014. With the Home page, you can immediately know more about your project, including what needs your attention, key project metrics, and other important activity. Home page widgets are a great way to monitor important metrics or KPIs related to your product development process. We have a lot of samples and tips for creating widgets in our blog at

Is there a way to try TestTrack without having to evaluate or upgrade?

Yes, visit at any time to try out the latest release of TestTrack. This is not the same experience as a full-blown evaluation, but it’s a great way to try out new functionality if you’re waiting on an upgrade.

­How are resources assigned to sprints? Can one person be 50% on one sprint and 50% on another?

TestTrack doesn’t do full-scale resource planning, but you can configure project resources in the Release Planning tab of a folder.

­Will upgrading automatically enable the security option to create and edit task boards for each security group?

No, you will need to manually set that option for the appropriate security groups.

Can a card be in more than one column?

No, a card can only be in one column at any given point in time.

Does TestTrack integrate with Subversion (SVN)?

Yes. You can get a full list of supported integrations here:

Does TestTrack integrate with CVS?­

Yes. You can get a full list of supported integrations here:

How did you get to the task board configuration screen?

You can create and edit task boards by going to Tools > Administration > Task Boards.

­In the group view of task board, can I move a card from one sprint to another?

Not within the task board itself. You can use the gear menu on the card to move it to a new sprint folder.

­Are swimlanes tied specifically to workflow events?

No, swimlanes are used to group cards by folder, user, link relationship, or document. Columns are mapped to workflow states, with one of more states being assigned to a specific column.

Is there a file size limit for files that are attachments to Issues?

There is no limit in TestTrack. It depends on what the user’s operating system will allow.