May 18, 2010

Field Mappings in TestTrack

Helix ALM
We recently released version 2010.1 of TestTrack, which contains many new exciting new features. One new feature that I would like to give some love to is Item Mapping Rules. This feature will benefit users who have more than one TestTrack applications, as it allows you to configure how field values are mapped from one application to another. Let's look at a real world example to better illustrate the benefits. A TestTrack customer uses TestTrack RM and TestTrack TCM. Most of their test cases are generated from requirements because traceability is very important to them. In addition, when test cases are assigned to testers, they need to read the requirement description to ensure the test case is properly written. Since most testers have only a floating license for TestTrack RM, access to the requirement is not guaranteed. So testers must have access to the requirement description from the test case. With item mapping, the administrator can now map the requirement description to any multi-line custom field in the test case. Following are the steps to set this up: First, create the custom field for the test case (and optionally the test run). [caption id="attachment_2487" align="aligncenter" width="430"]Test Case Custom Field Test Case Custom Field[/caption]

Next, go to Tools > Administration > Item Mapping Rules... and select Generate Test Cases from Requirements. Select the Description under the Copy Requirement Field column and then select the custom field under the To Test Case Field column.

[caption id="attachment_2488" align="aligncenter" width="630"]Field Mapping Field Mapping[/caption]

And that's it!

Keep the following in mind:
  • Since both fields are multi-line text fields, any formatting, images, tables, etc. will also be mapped along with the text.
  • If you created a custom field for the test run, you will also have to set up a mapping rule for mapping the value from the test case to the test run.