April 20, 2009

Izenda Plug-In for TestTrack

Helix ALM

Works with TestTrack 2009 and later

Will not work with TestTrack 2008 and earlier

The new reporting plug-in architecture in TestTrack 2009 enables some pretty exciting reporting and dashboard integration possibilities with TestTrack. You'll find our Izenda plug-in on this page, which allows you to create/view reports created in Izenda from the TestTrack Web and desktop clients.

How It Works

Izenda is a self-service reporting platform built for fast and easy report creation and viewing. Integrated into TestTrack, it provides your users with the ability to create custom reports and share them with the rest of the team. After browsing the information below, contact your Seapine Sales representative if you'd like to learn more.

Add Reports to TestTrack

To add reports from Izenda, you simply click Add from the TestTrack reports list, pick Izenda and select the report you want to add.
Note: You can create a new report by clicking the Create... button, which will launch the report designer. Once you've added reports, you run them just like any other TestTrack report. Select the report and click Preview to view the report in your browser.
The report opens in the Izenda viewer, where you can further filter or drill-down on the data.

Intranet Access

In addition to creating and running reports from TestTrack, you can also easily hook Izenda into your intranet to allow report access to business users that don't connect to TestTrack. This report list can be a stand-alone page within the intranet or it can be tied into a larger dashboard configuration.