July 1, 2014

Know More, Do More with TestTrack 2014.1

Helix ALM
TestTrack 2014.1 is here! Released this week, 2014.1 is loaded with new features and updates to improve the visibility, security, and traceability you need to know more and do more. Following are a few of the key improvements in this release. Be sure to read the full release notes for all the details.
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Welcome Home. Important Information Awaits.

The first change you'll notice when you log into 2014.1 is TestTrack's new Home page. With the Home page, you can immediately know more about your project, including what needs your attention, key project metrics, and other important activity. The customizable page lets you view project information at a glance and helps you do more with quick access to your work items and tasks. Your Home page is your personal resource for answering important project-related questions, such as:
  • What needs my immediate attention?
  • What am I working on next?
  • What are team members working on?
[caption id="attachment_14496" align="aligncenter" width="600"]The Home page, new in TestTrack 2014.1. The user-configurable Home page, new in TestTrack 2014.1.[/caption]

Spotlight Important Data with Field Styles

In TestTrack 2104.1, you can now use colors, icons, and different fonts to spotlight important information in list windows and reports. Whether it's highlighting high risk items in red or flagging accepted requirements in green, configurable field styles make it easy to scan a list window or report and quickly identify items that require attention. You can change the background and foreground colors, set the text in italics or bold face, use custom icons, and more. In 2014.1, you can create your own color coding system to make it easier to identify categories, components, priorities, risks, etc. [caption id="attachment_14502" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Use colors, fonts, and icons to make important information stand out. Use colors, fonts, and icons to make important information stand out.[/caption]

Decompose and Link Requirements and Tasks for Faster Traceability

TestTrack 2014.1 improves the reusability and traceability of artifacts—including requirements, risk, tests, and tasks—with new item mapping capabilities and rules. Now you can create requirements from existing requirements, simplifying the process of decomposing marketing requirements to product requirements to system specifications and beyond. You can use parent/child relationships for any artifact type to ensure accurate relationships and improved traceability. And you can create rules to enforce processes, such as ensuring that new requirements are added to a document or folder. Traceability is blazing fast in 2014.1. [caption id="attachment_14511" align="aligncenter" width="600"]You can now create requirements from requirements. You can now create requirements from requirements.[/caption]

Find Hidden Risks with Built-In Exploratory Testing

Did you know that, on average, exploratory testing finds 11% more defects than scripted testing? To help you take advantage of this powerful tool, we now include Defect Scribe free with TestTrack. With Defect Scribe, you can:
  • Create detailed steps to reproduce from ad hoc testing. Defect Scribe records every user action and application screen during a test session, so reproducing even complex multi-step bugs is a breeze!
  • Generate scripted regression tests from exploratory sessions. Defect Scribe supports one-click conversion of any recorded test session into a scripted test case, saving you time over manually writing test cases.
  • Explore more often without running into some of the common challenges faced when conducting exploratory testing.
Segue Technologies, a Seapine customer, uses Defect Scribe for exploratory testing, and finds it extremely valuable for maintaining cost-effective quality control. We think you will, too.

Protect Your Valuable Digital Property

New security enhancements mean that TestTrack now includes even more built-in security to protect your company's intellectual property. If your organization stores sensitive data in TestTrack, you can use RSA public-private key exchange to encrypt communication between clients and the TestTrack server. This is an additional level of security beyond TestTrack's standard encryption. Field security is now more granular, as well, with the ability to separate a user's ability to manage field list values from the permissions to add, edit, or delete custom fields.

Know More with Powerful and Flexible Reporting

TestTrack 2014.1 gives you even more control over reporting for clearer reports and better analysis. For example, you can now create trend reports to view metrics at the end of a time period in addition to throughout a specific time frame. You also have the option of hiding the data table in TestTrack's trend reports, making it easy for users to focus on the charts and graphs that provide a clearer picture.We've also made improvements to TestTrack's matrix reports. You can now use new column and header row options in all matrix reports for more powerful risk analysis reporting and greater flexibility in grouping data. You can also spotlight data in matrix reports using styles configured for field values in the TestTrack client.
Spotlight data in matrix reports using styles configured for field values.
Spotlight data in matrix reports using styles configured for field values.

Link Code and Other Files with Design and Testing Assets

TestTrack 2014.1 also enables you to extend visibility and traceability from design and testing all the way down to code with Git and GitHub integration. Now your team can review code changes directly from a requirement, user story, test case, defect, or feature request.
TestTrack now offers Git and GitHub integration.
TestTrack now offers Git and GitHub integration.

Know More. Do More. TestTrack 2014.1.

Ready to check out all the new features?
  • If you're a TestTrack user with a current maintenance contract, upgrade now.
  • If you're a TestTrack Cloud user, you'll be auto upgraded within the next 7 business days.
  • If you're not a current TestTrack user, request your free 30-day evaluation today!