May 15, 2012

Moving Items To and From Folders with TestTrack Automation Rules

Helix ALM
One of the new features I look forward to using in TestTrack 2012.1 is automatically adding items to and removing items from folders using automation rules. TestTrack can automatically move items to and from folders when triggers run after items are saved and when escalation rules run. For example, I use a folder to group fixed issues that affect documentation. When a developer fixes an issue, they can select an ‘Affects Documentation’ check box in the Fix dialog box. Previously, I received an email when a fixed issue was marked as affecting documentation. I manually moved these issues to a folder so I could review them later and decide if a documentation change was required. Occasionally, I review fixed issues to see if any that were not marked actually did affect documentation. Now, TestTrack can automatically add these issues to a folder for me, which eliminates more work for me. Plus, I still have the flexibility to manually add issues I want to investigate further to the same folder. To move items to folders, add the new ‘Add to folder’ action to a new or existing trigger or escalation rule. Click the Actions tab when you are adding or editing a trigger or escalation rule and then click Add. The Add Rule Action dialog box opens. Add Rule Action - Add to folder Select 'Add to folder' as the Action and then select the folders you want to add items to. Keep in mind that you can only move items to public folders and not private folders. You can select multiple folders or just one. Click the arrows to expand the folder hierarchy. When you are finished, click OK to save the rule action and then click OK again to save the trigger or escalation rule. You follow the same basic steps to remove items from folders automatically. Select the ‘Remove to folder’ action when adding or editing a trigger or escalation rule. Select the folders to remove items from and save the changes.