September 3, 2015

New! Menu Changes That Make TestTrack Even Easier to Use

Helix ALM
The TestTrack 2015.1 native client includes some handy menu changes that make it even easier to add workflow events to items, open recent items, and access the commands you use most frequently.

Using the Workflow menu to add events to items

Earlier versions of TestTrack grouped workflow events and other actions you can perform on items under the Activities menu. If your project contains a large number of workflow events, the Activities menu could include so many options that it becomes difficult to quickly find what you need. To make workflow events more easily accessible, we moved them to the new Workflow menu. So when you need to add an event to an item to keep it moving through the workflow, just select it and click Workflow to see what options are available. ttWorkflowMenu

Going directly to recent items

You can use the new Go To Recent Item option to go directly to an item you recently viewed or edited. TestTrack remembers the last five items of each type you opened, so if you ever need to go back and pull up an item again after you closed it, just choose File > Go To Recent Item and look for it in the  list. ttGoToRecentItemNote:Go To Location and Go To Number are now under the File menu to keep all your “go to” options together.

Customizing shortcut menus

Customizable shortcut menus let you control what options are displayed when you right-click on item list windows. You can add the actions you perform most frequently to the shortcut menus, group related actions, and remove actions you do not use. To customize shortcut menus, choose Tools > User Options and then select the Shortcut Menus category. You can also right-click an item in a list window and choose Configure Menu. ttUserOptionsShortcutMenus Make sure the actions you use most are included in the Current menu items list. You can also rearrange the items in this list so the actions are displayed in your preferred order. When the menu is set up the way you want it, right click the corresponding list window to check it out. ttCustomizedShortcutMenu