February 7, 2014

Recorded Webinar and Q&A: What's New in TestTrack 2014

Helix ALM
Thanks to everyone who participated in the “What's New in TestTrack 2014” webinar.  The webinar recording is now available if you weren’t able to attend or if you would like to watch it again. Transcript from the webinar Q & A follows. During this recorded webinar, Paula Rome and Jeff Amfahr of Seapine Software:
  • Explain the updates in TestTrack 2014
  • Discuss the new unified web client
  • Demonstrate the key new features of the latest TestTrack
  • Give an overview of ALM RP and Defect Scribe
  • Introduce two new license options, including subscriptions and TestTrack Cloud


Licensing and Pricing

When will the new licenses be available?They’re available now. Contact your sales rep to learn more, or visit www.seapine.com/ttlicensing.php/. What is pricing for the Seapine Cloud offering?Please visit www.seapine.com/testtrack-saas.php for pricing information. Is different licensing required for the web client?No, there is no new of additional license required to use the web client. Users can use either one at any time, moving back and forth as desired.­ For subscription and Cloud licenses, does the software stop working if I decide not to pay the subscription at some point? Yes, that’s the trade-off with subscription versus perpetual licensing. Perpetual licenses cost more up-front, but you own them outright and they will always work with the version you purchased. Subscription licenses are less expensive, but must be renewed annually in order to continue using the software. Have you considered offering free test licenses? Today I have to ask for a 30-day eval license when I want to test functionality. There are no plans for this. Do we need a new license to upgrade or we can use the existing ones? If you’re currently under maintenance, then you should be able to upgrade with your existing licenses. Visit www.seapine.com/ttupgrades.php to learn more. If you’re not under maintenance, contact your sales rep for more information. Regarding licenses, I assume we can get credit for the licenses we already have if we want to switch to a suite license? That’s a question best discussed with your sales representative. They’ll have information about your existing licenses and can help you make the transition to the PDS license. Email sales@seapine.com if you’re not sure who your sales rep is. Is ALM RP an add-on that costs extra or is it included? Your TestTrack license gives access to the ALM RP data warehouse and dashboards.


Can we access test cases in the 2014 release of TestTrack web? Test cases and test runs are both available in the new web client. Are filters set up in the desktop client carried over to the web client and vice versa? Yes, filters are stored on the server and are available to your user account from both clients. If a custom field is configured to be shown in the main defect area, will it be shown under the General fields in the new web interface? Yes, custom fields will appear in the General area in the web interface. The field order matches what is configured in the Custom Fields administrative dialog. Is the “Open in Excel” functionality available in the web client? Unfortunately that capability is not supported in this version of the web client Is there a way to share user tabs with other users? I am looking for an easy way to share columns displayed with other users. Not yet, but with the new web client this has become a popular feature request. So it’s on our radar for a future release. Does the new web client support the screen capture feature? Not currently, but we are open to adding it in the future. Can you import a requirements document in the web version? Importing is currently only available in the native client Is it possible to generate a test case from a requirement, create a defect from a test run, and create a test case or requirement from a defect in the new TestTrack web client? Yes, all of those features are supported Can I generate reports in Excel, Word, or PDF in TestTrack 2014? That is not an option yet. Are test case columns customizable in both clients? Yes, users can customize the order and which columns are shown in both the desktop client and web client. Can you use both the desktop and web client with TestTrack in the cloud? Yes, both desktop and web clients are supported. Are there any TestTrack Server Admin project administration updates in 2014? There are no updates in this release. Are there any advantages in using the web client over the desktop version? There are some advantages. A big one is not having to install the desktop client. The web client also allows you to focus on a single folder. If you have a low-end computer, TestTrack will run faster on the web client. Some users also prefer the data formatting available in the web client. Is the native database structure in 2014 the same as in 2013? Yes. Is there a way to move an Item from one project into another project? That functionality is not available yet. Are there any new report or chart styles in the 2014 release? There are new reports with this release. Does the web client support live charts? Not at this time. Do the ALM RP Dashboards support live charts? There is a set of built-in widgets to do cross-platform graphs and charts within ALM RP, similar to the Live Charts available in TestTrack. However, they’re not called live charts in ALM RP. Are there plans to add the ability to share Field Value Lists across projects? Yes, we expect to add this in a future release. Can we export/import requirements from outside sources?­Requirements can be imported and exported to Microsoft Word, as well as in text and XML format. Visit www.seapine.com/documentation to view the help and learn more. Will the new web client allow ALL users to access all three products or ONLY those products they have access to? It supports all three TestTrack modules (requirements, testing, and issues), but each user can only access what they're licensed to use. We have developed some custom views against TestTrack SQL Server database. Can they be transferred to TestTrack Cloud? TestTrack Cloud does not allow direct access to the underlying database. Is there a way to put a test case in an uneditable/locked state while still allowing test runs to be created from it? Yes. Create a trigger that denies any edits if a test case is in a particular state, but still allows the creation of test runs. Are all the custom fields displayed on the left or only those defined as being on the main page (not the customer fields tab)? They are displayed on the left. The order is determined by the administrator. How are workflow item attachments accessed? Either from the workflow dialog or while viewing details from the workflow tab. There is a paperclip icon indicating the presence of file attachments that’s visible even when the detail information has been collapsed. Is there a way to mark test cases as Regression so a person doesn't have to go into the original project to execute test cases as part of regression? There are several ways a test case could be tagged to indicate it should be part of regression testing. Using a custom field or adding the test case to a folder are the two most popular methods. For a test run set, how do I see all passes and failures for a complete set? Add the Test Run Set column to the Test Run list window. Then, you can sort and column filter to see all test runs in a set. Alternately, you could create a Test Run filter that returns all test runs for a particular test run set. Is there a way to customize the drop-down menu titles and associated drop-down? For example, we want “Risk Level”  instead of "Importance". Yes, all field labels are configurable via the “Rename field label…” menu item. Check out the help for more information: www.seapine.com/documentation. Have there been any significant changes made to the requirements import capabilities? There are no changes with this release.


Does native client mean client/server? No. The native client is the desktop client. Has web client performance improved in this release? We've done a number of things to improve performance with this version of the web client. We're currently using an older version of TestTrack. Can we upgrade directly to 2014 or do we need to upgrade to 2013.1 first? If you are currently using TestTrack 2013.0 it's no problem to upgrade directly to 2014. If you’re using an older version, contact support@seapine.com to discuss upgrade options. Will there be support for other languages (Spanish, German, etc.) in future releases of the client? There is no plan at this time to localize the TestTrack interface. On the login screen, will the three modules (requirements, testing, issues) only appear if we bought licenses for each of those three? Yes. If users don’t have a license for one of the modules, they won’t be able to select that capability when they log in. Which web browsers has the web client been validated for? Chrome 21 and later, IE 9 and later, Firefox 12 and later, Safari 6 and later. Are there any changes to the SOAP SDK in this release? No. Do you have to use the native client for administrative configuration? Yes. A list of what you can and cannot do on the web is available in our knowledgebase: www.seapine.com/kb/questions/1713/. Does upgrading from the old web client to this new release required any changes to the web server? No changes are needed for the web server. We haven't used the web client before. Is it sufficiently secured so users could use it from anywhere? Yes. For maximum security we recommend you run it as HTTPS. Can I be logged into the web client and the native client simultaneously? Yes. When are you going to provide a plugin for the NetBeans IDE? There are no plans for NetBeans integration at this time. An issue I have had with previous versions is the inactivity logout timer does not seem to work with the web client (2013). As you know folks have a tendency to forget to logout and of course that license is locked. Is this a known issue? Yes. TestTrack 2014 will automatically log users out when the TestTrack web client’s browser tab is closed, a user navigates to a different site, or quits the browser. Does this release include any enhancements for electronic signatures? There are no enchantments to e-sigs with this release. Does the web client support tablets (Android/iPad)? We’re currently in testing to validate various tablets. Does Test Track Cloud integrate with Surround SCM? Would both be housed in the cloud? We don’t currently offer Surround SCM in the cloud, but TestTrack Cloud should integrate completely with a local installation of Surround SCM. For Seapine Cloud customers, are upgrade notifications provided? Notifications will be provided five days before planned upgrades and 24 hours before emergency upgrades. Is training available for both the web and native client applications? Yes. Visit www.seapine.com/training to contact your sales rep for more information.