February 24, 2014

TestTrack 2014: New Ways to Buy and Deploy TestTrack

Helix ALM
With the release of TestTrack 2014, we revamped the web client and added new ways for you to buy and deploy TestTrack!

Hosting TestTrack in the Cloud

Does your team get upgraded quickly when a new version of TestTrack becomes available? Do all your distributed offices have 24x7 access to TestTrack? Are you confident that your TestTrack installation could be back up and running with no data loss after a hard drive failure or other catastrophic event? If you answered "No" to any of these questions, you should check out our new Seapine Cloud offering. Seapine Cloud gives you the full capabilities of TestTrack within a hosted environment. By hosting TestTrack in the cloud, you get:
  • 24x7 access to TestTrack from anywhere in the world
  • Near-instant deployment—start using TestTrack the day you purchase
  • Quick upgrades when a new version is released
  • No IT headaches—we handle maintenance, backups, and performance tuning
New customers can start using an enterprise-class product development solution to improve product quality and project predictability for just $99/user per month. If you're an existing customer, contact your sales representative to learn discuss a transition plan for your organization and learn more about special migration pricing.

Increased Flexibility with On-Premise Licensing

Of course, we are still offering on-premise licenses that allow you to host TestTrack in your own data center. To provide you with even more licensing flexibility, we have added on-premise subscription licenses that allow you to scale license usage to match project needs and team size. Let's say you just won a new contract but aren't sure how long the project will last. Subscription licenses are a great way to enable that team's use of TestTrack without the long-term commitment of buying licenses.