June 29, 2010

TestTrack List Window Enhancements You May Not Know About

Helix ALM
If you haven’t discovered the list window enhancements added in TestTrack 2010.1, you definitely should check them out. There are a lot of time-saving improvements, including the ability to customize list window text appearance, shortcuts for working with subsets of items, and more available data. Keep reading to learn more about the 2010.1 release enhancements, then watch the Working with TestTrack List Windows video for a tour of TestTrack list windows.

Change the list window font, style, and size

If you are projecting TestTrack on a screen during planning or triage sessions, it’s important that all participants can read the text. Or, you may simply may not like the TestTrack default font. You can now change the font, style, and size of text in list windows. To change the text appearance, right-click any column heading in the list window and choose Font Settings. Select the font settings you want to use and click OK. List window font

Open selected rows in Excel

Adding TestTrack items to an Excel worksheet is now even easier. You can select items in list windows and copy them to Excel directly from TestTrack. This is helpful if you need to provide information to stakeholders or others who do not have TestTrack access. Keep in mind this feature is only available on Windows computers with Excel installed. To open items in Excel, make sure the list window only includes the columns you want to open in Excel. Select the items to include and choose Activities > Open in Excel. Excel starts automatically and the information from TestTrack is available in a new worksheet, including hyperlinks to each item. Open in Excel

Generate reports from a shortcut menu

You can now generate and print reports from the Print shortcut menu in Defects, Folders, Requirements, Requirement Documents, Test Cases, and Test Runs list windows. Right-click the list window, choose Print, select a report type, and then select the report you want to generate. The report opens and you can print it if you want to. Print from list window

View numeric column totals

If numeric values are displayed in list window columns, you may want to view the total of all values in that column. For example, you may want to see the total actual hours for all items. You can now add a footer in list windows to display numeric column totals. To display column totals, right-click the list window toolbar area and choose Numeric Column Totals. The column footer is added to all list windows. Numeric column totals

View a graphical Percent Done progress bar

If you use time tracking, you can quickly view how much work is complete against the estimate in a graphical progress bar. The progress bar is displayed in the Percent Done column. To add the Percent Done column to a list window, right-click a column, choose Time Tracking Fields, and then choose Percent Done. Percent Done