November 20, 2014

Unwrap TestTrack 2015 Today and See the New Interactive Task Boards

Helix ALM
Seapine has an early holiday gift for you, and you can get a sneak peek now. It's TestTrack 2015, and it includes a shiny new feature—interactive task boards! TestTrack 2015's interactive task boards bring cutting-edge project planning capabilities to TestTrack—whether you’re using Waterfall, Agile, or any other product development methodology. Task boards are alternate views of folder contents that can help your team communicate and measure progress during a sprint, release, or other milestone. With task boards you can:
  • Organize and visualize work with cards, columns, and swimlanes
  • Plan and collaborate as a team during during stand-ups, retrospectives, issue triage, and other team meetings
  • Provide flexibility for your entire organization with support for multiple boards, configured to match each team's process
  • Give your team real-time visibility into work at the project, sprint, and user level
You also won't want to miss the What's New webinar on December 10. Paula Rome, Seapine product manager, will demonstrate the task boards and other new TestTrack 2015 features, and answer your questions during the 30-minute webinar. The best part? You don't have to wait to unwrap TestTrack 2015! After registering for the sneak peek and the webinar, you'll have immediate access to the TestTrack sandbox so you can try out the new task boards. Register for the TestTrack 2015 Sneak Peek today!