August 27, 2013

Upgrading to the New TestTrack Web Application

Helix ALM
The new TestTrack Web application is here and it’s outstanding! It replaces TestTrack Pro Web, TestTrack RM Reviewer, and TestTrack TCM. You can now work with requirements, requirement documents, issues, and test runs in one unified web application. Upgrading to the new TestTrack Web application is simple, but you should take some time to learn more about the upgrade before you do it. Good news! We tell you exactly what you need to know in Upgrading to TestTrack Web 2013.1 Frequently Asked Questions. This short document can help you quickly understand more about why you should upgrade, the feature differences between the old web clients and the new application, and tasks that the TestTrack administrator needs to complete after upgrading to provide a seamless experience for users. Here is a sample of questions and answers from the FAQ:

Why should we upgrade?

In the new web application, your team can work with requirements, documents, issues, and test runs without switching between applications. Access to related items is just a click away. TestTrack Web also has a more modern interface, improved usability, and more features than the old web clients.

Can we continue to use the old web clients after upgrading?

No. This upgrade replaces the old web clients with the new TestTrack Web application. The old web clients are no longer supported. They will not be able to connect to upgraded TestTrack Servers or projects. Files for the old web clients are automatically removed from the web server during the upgrade.

We work with issues in TestTrack Pro Web. What’s different in the new TestTrack Web?

Most of the features from TestTrack Pro Web are available in the new web application. There are a few features we are still working on that will be added in upcoming releases. All of these features are currently available in the TestTrack Client.
  • Viewing your Workbook and working with tasks
  • Configuring and deleting reports. You can run reports configured in the TestTrack Client in TestTrack Web.
  • Performing administrative tasks, such as setting project options, administering users and security groups, customizing fields, configuring workflows, and configuring automation rules
Some new features are also available in TestTrack Web. You can:
  • Send and view formatted email
  • Organize information and view more in the Issues list—use tabs, apply column filters, and view numeric columns totals.
  • View impact analysis information
  • Investigate suspect dependencies, and mark and clear suspect items

Is there information to help me get started using TestTrack Web?

The TestTrack help provides everything you need to know about using TestTrack Web.