June 18, 2020

How to Use Unity + Version Control

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Unity is one of the top game engines used today, according to a recent survey. It’s often used alongside Helix Core. Here, you’ll learn what Unity engine is and how to use Unity with version control.

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What Is Unity Engine?

The Unity engine is a video game engine developed by Unity technologies. Unity started in game development, but the Unity engine is now used in architecture, automotive, aerospace, and beyond.

Is Unity a Good Game Engine?

Unity is a good game engine. In fact, it’s one of the best. It’s easy for beginners to get started with, and there are a lot of features and benefits to it.

Benefits of Unity

Unity is great for:


Unity Is a Top Game Engine

Use it with the top version control system — trusted by top 19/20 game development companies. Start building your next game free.



Is Unity Good for Beginners?

Unity, like Unreal Engine, is free. This makes is an essential tool for students and developers. But when creating anything in 3D, things can get complex. Unity is able to handle the physics of a scene without overwhelming new users. 

If you are just starting to learn programming and want to use a game engine, Unity is a great place to start. It will do the heavy lifting right in the tool. Plus, new Unity versions continue to add in features to help non-coders get up to speed fast, including a visual scripting tool. 


Why Use Unity with Version Control

Unity and version control go hand-in-hand, and most Unity teams use Perforce Helix Core for version control (instead of Plastic SCM).

The Unity 3D development platform provides the framework for game development. And version control allows you version and manage files, code, and artwork. But not all version control tools are the same.


Should You Do Unity Version Control with Git?

Git isn’t the best option for version control with Unity.

Git isn’t natively integrated with Unity. The Unity Editor in particular can have some issues working with Git. This includes difficulty working with temporary files and large files. There are also some branching and merging challenges when using Git with Unity.

There can be some workarounds to solve these challenges, but they’re far from ideal.

There’s a better option for version control with Unity. And that’s Helix Core.

Why Unity Teams Use Helix Core

Helix Core can handle large files better than other version control tools. That’s why many Unity teams use Helix Core.

Helix Core: The Default Version Control For the Top 19/20 AAA Game Dev Studios

Helix Core is the default version control system for top AAA game dev studios and indie studios alike.

That’s because Helix Core can version everything — code, artwork, Unity game engine assets, and more.

Gain a Single Source of Truth with Helix Core

There are large binary files, many files, many contributors, and many changes involved in building a game today. And it’s important to maintain a single source of truth.

Helix Core delivers just that. This version control software makes it easier to collaborate. It makes it easier to find the assets you need to work on. And it lets you see if someone else is working on a particular file.

The Unity integration is a key part of this.

Unity and Helix Core are seamlessly integrated so you can version your files in Helix Core — without leaving Unity.

Why Camouflaj Uses Helix Core with Unity

Camouflaj switched from Mercurial to Helix Core. Why? Because Helix Core made it faster and easier for them to author content in Unity. They can now collaborate on everything much faster.

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How to Use Unity with Version Control

Here’s how to use Unity with Helix Core.

1. Install Unity

First, you’ll need to install Unity. If you’ve already done this, skip to the next step.

To install Unity:

  1. Go to unity.com.
  2. Click Get Started.
  3. Select your account type (sign up for free under Individual).
  4. Download Unity.

2. Download Helix Core From Perforce

Next, you’ll download Perforce Helix Core.

If you’re not using Helix Core yet, get started.

If you’re already a Helix Core user, download the latest version of the:

3. Download Microsoft Visual Studio

Then, download Microsoft Visual Studio. And integrate it with Unity and Helix Core (using the P4VS plugin).

4. Integrate Unity with Helix Core

The Unity and Perforce Helix Core integration is maintained by Unity.


Here’s a quick overview of the basic steps:

  1. Set up a Perforce server for your project.
  2. Go into Unity Editor settings and select Perforce as your version control.
  3. Enter your Perforce credentials and information. (See chart.)

5. Use Unity Editor (If You’re a Designer/Artist)

Unity has a built-in editor for designers and artists to work in. You can use the Unity editor to work on assets — such as graphics — in the game engine. Since Unity will be integrated with Helix Core, you’ll be able to check in assets into Helix Core — without leaving the editor.

6. Use Microsoft Visual Studio (If You’re a Coder)

Unity integrates with IDEs, such as Microsoft Visual Studio. So does Helix Core. This means that if you’re a coder, you can work on code in Visual Studio. You’ll be able to check your code into Helix Core — without leaving the IDE. Plus, designers and artists will have access to the same single source of truth, keeping everyone on the same page.

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The Best Version Control For Unity: Helix Core

Use Unity with Helix Core to build your next great game.

Helix Core delivers lightning-fast version control. You’ll get a single source of truth for your entire project. Helix Core stores digital assets, binary files, and code all in one spot — and scales up as your files grow.

Perforce Federated Architecture gives you fast performance, even if you have remote teams distributed around the world. You’ll be able to customize and automate workflows for branching (Perforce Streams) and code review (Helix Swarm). And you’ll rest assured that your intellectual property is secured with Helix Core’s access control.

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